Los Angeles Post-Punk Outfit Still Debut New Single “Grace”

In the heart of Los Angeles, where the drama of sunsets rivals that of its notorious traffic, a fresh musical expression has taken root. This isn’t just any addition to the city’s vibrant scene; it’s Still – a post-punk ensemble as intriguing as a classic film noir and as quintessential as the iconic palm trees of Sunset Boulevard.

At the helm of Still is Daniel McDonough, whose vocals are a captivating mix of melodic narratives and a trance-like allure. Accompanying him are the Johnson twins, Adrian and Julian, masters of guitar and bass. And let’s not forget Wesley Wheeler on drums, with beats as dependable as the scenic vista of the historic Griffith Observatory.

Their new single Grace is a poignant, yet ghostly creation. McDonough’s poetry soars over an elaborate foundation of bass, punctuated with chilly synth notes and a ghostly guitar melody. The wistful interplay between his voice and the instruments feels like stumbling upon a serene enclave amidst the ceaseless energy and chaos of the world. The lyrics to Grace, however, resonate with regret and longing. Each note and lyric captures the yearning for a different ending; a wistful reflection on what might have been, enveloped in a melancholic melody that echoes the heart’s deepest, unfulfilled desires.

In a city that’s a chameleon of change, Grace stands out as a pure post-punk gem. It evokes the spirit of early 2000s bands like Editors, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, and even a smidgen of the Gin Blossoms, illuminating the LA skyline with its unique shine.

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