Listen to the Shoegaze Drenched Post-Punk of Hungarian Outfit Choke City’s “Dialects Of Desire” EP

Listen to the Shoegaze Drenched Post-Punk of Hungarian Outfit Choke City’s “Dialects Of Desire” EP

Budapest, Hungary, serves as the creative cradle for the post-punk/shoegaze ensemble Choke City. Since 2021, the group has released three singles and shared a live performance from the House of Arts in Szekszárd. Their latest venture is a debut release on Budapest’s Corbata Records.

Choke City’s music, characterized by abstract and visionary qualities, merges post-punk with a spectrum of wave influences. The trio of songs on their new EP, Dialects of Desire, interweaves a sense of melancholy with robust, textured sounds…drawing significant inspiration from the hard rock elements of ’90s alternative music. Echoes of the Pixies, Oasis, Alice In Chains, My Bloody Valentine, and even U2 resonate throughout, albeit reimagined within a subtly psychedelic framework. Their sound, marked by a hint of intensity, perfectly complements the introspective nature of their emotionally charged lyrics.

The EP commences with Nahash, a composition that delves into the intricacies of human existence, balancing between hope and the unavoidable, laced with a subtle sense of dread. It explores the dichotomy of personal growth and the decay of ideals, painting a vivid picture of the continuous battle against inherent imperfections and the unforgiving nature of life.

Following this is the evocative Maze, a track that articulates a quest for autonomy and comprehension. The lyrics capture a sense of being overlooked and weighed down by external influences, represented metaphorically by a maze and a cross. This piece resonates with a profound longing for liberation and self-discovery, seeking to break free from the confining bonds and expectations set by someone deeply familiar yet limiting.

Concluding the trio of songs is Sway, a poignant exploration of the pangs of absence and desire within a relationship. It conveys the void left by a partner’s absence, and the internal turmoil over their potential comfort found in others. The song is imbued with a longing to revive lost connections, underlining a profound sense of incompleteness in the absence of the significant other and highlighting the essential nature of intimacy and emotional bond.

Listen to the EP below, and order here

Dialects Of Desire (EP) by Choke City

Choke City emerged as a brainchild of Barnabás Kiss, known for his work with Chief Rebel Angel and Polly Is Dead, and Richárd Géczi (Plastic Bitch). The duo expanded their creative horizons by enlisting Gáspár Binde (Haw, Torn From Earth), and Szabolcs Szűcs (Superbutt).

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