‘Euphoria’ star Colman Domingo says Sam Levinson controversy “blown out of proportion”

‘Euphoria’ star Colman Domingo says Sam Levinson controversy “blown out of proportion”

Euphoria star Colman Domingo has insisted that the controversy surrounding director Sam Levinson and the show’s explicit content has been “blown out of proportion”.

As the Zendaya-led HBO series prepares for its third season, Euphoria has been hit by claims that some cast members felt uncomfortable about the level of nudity and sexual content.

“Honestly, in my experience, there was none of that,” Domingo told The Guardian. “I think there’s a lot of talk around it. And I think things get blown out of proportion.”

He went on to describe Levinson as “one of the kindest, open-hearted director-writer-producers that you could ever ask for. There’s just noise because it’s popular and it’s in the zeitgeist. You can’t have a successful show without people wanting to tear some things down.”

‘Euphoria’ director Sam Levinson. CREDIT: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Back in August, fellow Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney similarly backed up Levinson, claiming she felt “free and confident” in her role of Cassie Howard, who is involved in some of the show’s most sexually explicit scenes.

“You have me, you have Z, you have all of these very strong-minded, independent women. If we didn’t feel comfortable with something, or we saw something we didn’t like, we’d all speak up,” she told Variety.

“It’s hard to see someone completely trashed by the public and the media when no one’s actually there. We are there, and clearly we’re still working on the show, and we’re still supportive.”

Sydney Sweeney in ‘Euphoria’ season two. CREDIT: Picturelux/Alamy

Sweeney added of Euphoria: “The point is making people uncomfortable, and thinking outside the box. What else is the point of art?” Sweeney says. “For me, I feel so free and confident now. And I’ve found that through Cassie.”

Elsewhere, Sweeney previously revealed that two of her family members walked out of the room while watching her in Euphoria.

“My mum visited me on set at the time, so she like knew the story and I talked to her a lot about it – my dad didn’t,” she said. “I didn’t prepare my dad at all.”

According to the actress, her father decided to watch the series with her grandparents without telling her first. Unaware of the nature of show, which follows a group of high school students as they struggle with issues of drugs, sex and violence, Sweeney revealed: “My dad and my grandpa turned it off and walked out.”

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