Discover the Magic: DRAGG’s ‘Last Forever’ ft. Korusbird Hits the Airwaves!

Discover the Magic: DRAGG’s ‘Last Forever’ ft. Korusbird Hits the Airwaves!

Pretty Decent Music Records unveils a gem of a collaboration with “Last Forever,” a magnetic fusion between Zimbabwean luminary Korusbird and the internationally acclaimed South African rapper, DRAGG. This track, nestled in the realm of hypnotic electro R&B, promises to ensnare aficionados with its entrancing nocturnal charm. Pretty Decent Music Records is a vibrant record label dedicated to offering the finest in modern music. Their mission revolves around furnishing a stage for both emerging and established artists, allowing them to showcase their creativity and narratives on a global scale.


The single “Last Forever” orchestrates a symphony of seductive and soulful vibes, laced with an ethereal touch that conjures enchantment and allure. Crafted by the deft hands of producer GTbeats, the track is set against a breathy, atmospheric backdrop, as DRAGG navigates between alluring singsong verses, drawing listeners into his world. The rhythmic pulse of the drums, the reverberating basslines, and the glistening keys form a hypnotic foundation for the impassioned narrative that unfolds. Korusbird’s mellifluous hooks add the perfect finishing touches, elevating the experience.

DRAGG exhibits a multifaceted mastery within the hip-hop realm, showcasing prowess in songwriting that traverses diverse terrain. His vocal delivery effortlessly transcends conventional rap boundaries. “Last Forever” stands as a versatile testament, capable of igniting a fiery and passionate moment or evoking profound emotional introspection, serving as the anthem for the romantic souls who are both hip-hop and R&B aficionados at heart.

Thematically, “Last Forever” delves into the tapestry of intimacy, commitment, and the yearning for an everlasting connection. The verses intricately paint vivid portraits of emotional depth, while the chorus becomes a mantra for perpetuity within relationships.

From the opening lines, “Last Forever” encapsulates the palpable emotions of holding a partner, feeling their heartbeat -a deliberate pace, highlighting the desire for enduring togetherness. The recurrent plea to make the moment last forever reverberates, underscoring the sanctity of the present and the fervent desire to immortalize it.

As the lyrical journey unfolds, “Last Forever” delves deeper into intimate moments, elucidating the intensity of emotions experienced in proximity. DRAGG openly expresses a willingness to fulfill his partner’s desires, acknowledging the rare and exquisite nature of their connection. Historical allusions, such as referencing Queen Nefertari, serve as symbols of timeless, regal love.

The cover artwork

The verses further illuminate a commitment to confronting challenges and preserving equilibrium within the relationship, acknowledging the inevitable bumps on the road ahead. Metaphorically unpacking baggage symbolizes a readiness to confront and support each other through past tribulations.

Acting as a steadfast anchor, the chorus of “Last Forever” resounds with a relentless desire for the moment to transcend temporal boundaries. It encapsulates the song’s core essence, echoing the longing for a love that defies the constraints of time. Through “Last Forever,” DRAGG and Korusbird beckon listeners to lose themselves in its captivating nocturnal melodies. Their vocal amalgamation promises a unique resonance that transcends geographical boundaries.

DRAGG, born Lawrence Sean Sibanda, epitomizes resilience and artistic prowess, having graced stages alongside luminaries like The Game, JLS, Wretch 32, DJ Ace, and DJ Edu. His journey, marked by a diagnosis of meningitis leading to complete blindness at 12, stands as an inspirational narrative woven into his music – a testament to resilience and the indomitable human spirit.

Following the triumph of “Trickin on You,” the new single “Last Forever” stands as a stellar precursor to DRAGG’s forthcoming and highly anticipated EP, “Mixed Feelings,” as well as underscores his evolution as an artist unafraid to push boundaries. DRAGG’s unwavering spirit and soul-stirring sounds are poised to carve an indelible mark within the ever-evolving tapestry of independent music and beyond.


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