Courtney Love has given Baby Queen a “full rundown” of her debut album “track by track”

Courtney Love has given Baby Queen a “full rundown” of her debut album “track by track”

Baby Queen has revealed that Courtney Love gave her a “full rundown” of her debut album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ “track by track”.

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The record was released earlier this month and received three stars from NME in a review which said that “beyond thoughtful moments of introspection about growth and friendship, the wit of [Arabella] Latham’s previous work feels largely absent on her debut”.

The singer struck up a friendship with Love after she hailed her work as “SO good” in 2021, singling out the tracks ‘Pretty Girl Lie’ and ‘Want Me’ as being some of her favourites.

“I’ve just discovered Baby Queen @queenofthebabies today (thanks to the always discerning @britishgq, link in bio to 2021 artist picks. Not one is bad so far),” Love captioned a clip of Baby Queen performing at the time.

“Lyrics SO good. Death and guns and beating the gay kids up, it doesn’t happen to you so why give a fuck. And ALL of ‘Pretty Girl Lie’. ‘Want Me’ immaculate. Shitty French accent has me laughing so hard..”

Baby Queen. CREDIT: Andy Ford for NME

Now in a new interview with Hattie Collins on Apple Music’s Proud Radio, Latham said Love offered her plenty of support when she was making her debut.

She said: “Everyone’s been really lovely. I’ve had the full rundown from Courtney Love per track. She’s just really supportive, and she likes to tell me which ones she doesn’t like.

“And then, you can tell which ones she’s going to like. She loves the second track ‘Kid Genius’. And then, this song called ‘Every Time I Get High’, which have a rock energy to them. And they’re very empowered. And she loves Baby Queen.”

Meanwhile, Baby Queen previously spoke about how The 1975‘s self-titled debut impacted her career.

She told NME at the time: “I was 17-years-old and still in South Africa when it came out, and it was when I started to go off the rails. It was the first time I felt like a teenager; it was a really late progression for me. I discovered this album and it altered my taste permanently.

“I had this dream of moving to London and that song [‘The City’] inspired me. I was coming from this really small place and that album represented the beacon of what London was to me,” she continued. “I don’t know if I would have made the move without it. I can’t imagine how it could have happened any differently. It was really influential. There’s so many bangers: ‘Girls’, ‘Chocolate’, and I really like ‘M.O.N.E.Y’ and ‘She Way Out’.”

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