Actor Ji Soo Shocks Netizens After Making His First Personal Update Since The Bullying Allegations In 2021

Actor Ji Soo Shocks Netizens After Making His First Personal Update Since The Bullying Allegations In 2021

Actor Ji Soo has shocked fans after making his first personal “appearance” since his bullying scandal back in 2021.

Actor Ji Soo | @actor_jisoo/Instagram

Since debuting, Jisoo has been known for his unreal acting and visuals in some of the hottest K-Dramas.

Ji Soo in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Jisoo in “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” Jisoo in “My First, First Love”

Yet, it all came crashing down in March 2021 after Ji Soo was accused of school violence and bullying. Because of this, KeyEast terminated their contract with him.

After he was dropped from his company, the actor enlisted and was recently discharged. Following finishing his military enlistment, Ji Soo held an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun, where he talked about some of the accusations made against him and how the initial informant had forgiven him.

I met with “A” and talked with him for a long time. He thought I ostracized him from the other students because I was close with “B,” a student who was involved in the gift certificate theft. It’s true I was close with “B” at that time. So I think “A” thought I was involved in the incident. We talked about the misunderstandings and we resolved the issue, that I was not involved. It was not something I did, but I apologized because I was close to “B.” I would like to once again apologize to “A” and other school friends that I hurt.

— Ji Soo

Since then, there has been no update on the actor, whether from the media or personally. Yet, on November 23, netizens were shocked when Ji Soo finally updated his Instagram. His last post was in February 2023.

In the new update, it looked like Jisoo was taking a new profile picture, but the actor showed off his classic visuals in the photo with the caption, “Early winter.” Although it was simple, it was the first update in over two years.

| @actor_jisoo/Instagram

When the post was shared, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement that Ji Soo had finally returned to Instagram, with many hoping it signaled a fresh start for the actor and a return to the screen.

With a new photo, could Ji Soo be ready to start the next step in his career after speaking out about the allegations?

You can read more below.

Actor Ji Soo Speaks Out About His Bullying Allegations For The First Time In 2 Years

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