J.Y. Park’s Strategy For Instilling JYP Entertainment’s Company Culture In Employees

J.Y. Park’s Strategy For Instilling JYP Entertainment’s Company Culture In Employees

J.Y. Park recently made his solo comeback, releasing “Changed Man” on November 20 (KST).

To celebrate the release, the JYP Entertainment founder and veteran soloist has been making his rounds on variety programs, giving fans behind-the-scenes information about the “Big 3” company and its talented roster of artists.

J.Y. Park | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

Recently, J.Y. Park joined Psick University comedians Lee Yong Ju, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo to film for their popular YouTube talk show, PSICK SHOW.

During the episode, J.Y. Park acknowledged JYP Entertainment’s reputation for housing artists with “fewer scandals” after host Lee Yong Ju stated that the company is famous for not having “scandals or troubles.

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J.Y. Park revealed his secret to encouraging upstanding behavior from JYP Entertainment’s artists and how he sets the tone when new employees join the company.

The veteran singer and producer stepped down from his position as CEO of JYP Entertainment in 2011 but has remained a staple figure within the company as the current chief creative officer.

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J.Y. Park explained that JYP Entertainment has a welcome kit for every employee entering the company. Among the normal office supplies, such as mouse pads, the veteran singer includes one special gift.

Included is a blank notebook, which says inside the cover, “JYP is now,” with a blank space left for the new employee’s name, which J.Y. Park handwrites himself.

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J.Y. Park includes the notebook as a reminder to the employees that they are now representing the company through their actions and words, and he includes two pages about the company’s culture and how they think.

The action is one of the ways J.Y. Park sets the tone for JYP Entertainment employees to maintain the company’s image.

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Check out one of his “secrets” to JYP Entertainment’s reputation for having “fewer scandals” in the article below!

Why JYP Entertainment Artists Have “Fewer Scandals,” According To J.Y. Park

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