Hyeri Speaks In First Interview Since Breakup

Hyeri‘s first interview since news of her breakup with Ryu Jun Yeol has been released.

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On November 21, fashion magazine Marie Claire published their interview with Hyeri, who recently finished filming her movie, Victory.

In the interview, Hyeri revealed how she had been spending her days, stating that she had been traveling often in recent months.

I have been living as a traveler for the past 3 months. I’ve been to various places, from Paris to New York and Tokyo. During that time, I enjoyed reflecting on myself during that time.

— Hyeri

The idol then shared some of the lessons she had learned while reflecting.

I reflected the most in New York. I’ve always lived while focused on the present, but I realized that my past, present, and future were all connected and that the decisions that I make now will make the person I will become.

— Hyeri

Hyeri lastly spoke about her acting and how she feels about her career thus far. Hyeri is notably one of the few idols who have successfully transitioned as an actor.

Looking back at myself as an actor who has been busy releasing at least one project per year, I have always tried to make different choices for (the character) I have been given. There have been times when I was satisfied after completing one (project) after another, but I still haven’t had that moment where I felt I did it! Because of this, I have to constantly give it my all.

Meanwhile, Hyeri recently shocked fans when her label announced that the idol is no longer dating actor Ryu Jun Yeol. You can read more on the breakup in the link below.

Hyeri And Ryu Jun Yeol Have Reportedly Broken Up

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