Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Recent Knife Attack Incident Isn’t The First Time He Saved A Life

Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Recent Knife Attack Incident Isn’t The First Time He Saved A Life

Earlier today, Korean media reported that Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun was injured in a knife attack that occurred in the dressing room of his musical.

| SM Entertainment

The news broke out after a performance, where a woman in her 30s managed to infiltrate the dressing room and brandished a knife. The assailant’s motives are still under scrutiny by the authorities, but what has emerged from this disturbing occurrence is Kyuhyun’s bravery.

Later reports revealed that Kyuhyun had sustained injuries from the knife attack in an attempt to protect his fellow actor. Thankfully the star’s label, Antenna, confirmed that while Kyuhyun was hurt, his injuries were not life-threatening.

This incident, as harrowing as it was, isn’t the first testament to Kyuhyun’s quick thinking and selflessness. Back in 2009, after a Music Bank show, as Girls’ Generation were celebrating their win, a potentially disastrous situation unfolded.

Girls’ Generation following their win at “Music Bank” | KBS

A light fixture, precariously positioned, began to fall towards the artists exiting the stage. Among them was SHINee‘s Onew, who was directly in harm’s way. Witnesses recall the moment Kyuhyun, alongside Siwon, intervened, grabbing the fixture and preventing what could have been a severe accident.

The ficture that almost fell on the artists. | @yesexism/Twitter

The shock of the near-miss even caused Onew to faint, and he was swiftly taken to a hospital. Fortunately, he recovered without any significant injuries.

Kyuhyun’s actions, both past and present, illustrate a pattern of heroic behavior that extends beyond the stage. The gravity of such incidents can’t be understated; the potential for serious harm or worse was real. Kyuhyun’s willingness to act, to put himself at risk for the safety of others, speaks volumes about his character.

| Antenna

As fans and the public process this recent event, many are expressing their gratitude and relief that the situation wasn’t worse. The conversation is also turning to the safety of artists, questioning how such a breach could occur. While the focus remains on Kyuhyun’s recovery and the ongoing investigation, there is a renewed appreciation for the humanity and bravery displayed by idols in times of crisis.

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