She Her Her Hers, Embark on their Largest Ever Tour, an ‘Asian Tour’, for their New Album ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’!

She Her Her Hers, Embark on their Largest Ever Tour,  an ‘Asian Tour’, for their New Album ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’!


She Her Her Hers is an alternative band consisting of the trio of Hiroyasu Takahashi, Tomasong and Taiki Matsuura. Despite the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the group continued to work hard, releasing music and streaming performances online, and since the start of 2023 they have appeared in numerous events and festivals both domestically and internationally, expanding their activities proactively both at home and abroad. Against this backdrop, their new album ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ was released on Wednesday, November 15th.

In tandem with the release of the new album, they also announced a tour to accompany the release. It is the largest tour that the band has ever embarked on so far and this will be their first ‘Asian tour’. Beginning on Wednesday, December 6th with a performance in Guanghzhou, China and running until Saturday, January 27th, 2024 with a show at Tokyo’s Daikanyama Unit, the tour spans 14 performances across 13 cities.

Maintaining the ethereal soundscape of the shoegaze genre, the band’s forte, the tour is also influenced by the increase in the number of large scale live performances and the fact that it is a release tour for an album that includes the new song “CHELSEA,” which dares to take a new approach in terms of groove and beat, featuring hints of club music and dance music. Expectations are growing, not only for the music but also for the group’s live performances.

The CD edition of the new album ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’, which will release digitally on Wednesday, November 15th, will be released on Wednesday, November 29th. When you purchase the CD at a record shop, you will receive leaf notes created by the group themselves as a special gift, and if you purchase a copy from the official homepage it will come signed by the group. Both versions of the CD are now available to pre-order.


Release Info

■She Her Her Hers

new album「Diffusion of Responsibility」

2023/11/15(wed) digital release

(2023/11/29 (wed) CD release)


Serial No. :CNDT-0002

Price:¥2,200 (tax in)

Record Label: Conditioner Label


Track List:

Blue Moon Night
non zero sum game


CD / Pre-add & Pre-save


Album Teaser


■She Her Her Hers

new digital single



Links to Music:


【Concert Information】

She Her Her Hers

“Diffusion of Responsibility” Asia Tour 2023-2024


2023/12/6 (wed) Guangzhou・MAO Live House

2023/12/7 (thu) Shenzhen・B10

2023/12/8 (fri) Zhuhai・DUIBAI SPACE

2023/12/14 (thu) Shanghai・VAS SHANGHAI

2023/12/15 (fri) Shanghai・VAS SHANGHAI

2023/12/17 (sun) Nanjing・1701 Live House Max

2023/12/19 (tue) Wuhan・VOX Livehouse

2023/12/20 (wed) Changsha・VOX Livehouse

2023/12/22 (fri) Chengdu・AFLAME ART CENTER Hall 1

2024/1/5 (fri) Bangkok・Mr.Fox Livehouse

2024/1/7 (sun) Hong Kong・SOHO HOUSE

2024/1/12 (fri)  Taipei・THE WALL

2024/1/14 (sun) Seoul・West Bridge Live Hall

2024/1/27 (sat) Tokyo・Daikanyama UNIT


and more…


※Information on ticket sales varies by location so please consult official websites and social networking services.


【Artist Info】

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