Red Velvet’s Irene, aespa’s Karina & Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Have The Most Unexpected Interaction

Red Velvet’s Irene, aespa’s Karina & Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Have The Most Unexpected Interaction

This week’s Music Core show became the stage for an unexpected and heartwarming interaction between three fan-favorite idols: Red Velvet’s Irene, aespa’s Karina, and Stray KidsHyunjin.

Irene on the way to KBS’s “Music Bank” yesterday. | @dearenebeloved/Twitter Karina | @ae_min1406/Twitter

The show was a star-studded event with performances from some of the biggest names in K-Pop, including Red Velvet with their newest single “Chill Kill,” aespa performing “Drama,” and Stray Kids energizing fans with “LALALALA.” Yet, it was the ending stage that had fans buzzing with anticipation, eager for any unplanned idol interactions.

Hyunjin | MBC

As the show drew to a close and Stray Kids were announced the winners of the day, the stage was set for a charming exchange. Irene, Karina, and Hyunjin, all present on stage, became the focal point of a hilarious moment that had fans both on-site and online captivated.

irene with karina and winter

— 린 (@reneclips) November 18, 2023

In an endearing display of friendship, aespa’s Karina and Winter approached Irene with a playful request — to blow confetti on as the camera panned their way. Irene, happy to please her juniors, complied and sent a shower of confetti cascading just as Hyunjin was passing by them. And so the confetti hilariously went over Hyunjin’s head.

irene with aespa

— ☼ ☾ ↟ ︎ ☆ (@seurrene_) November 18, 2023

did karina asked irene to blow confetti at skz??

— (@skizaes) November 18, 2023

Although the Stray Kids star appeared unaware of the act at the time, the moment was not lost on the fans nor on his fellow idols.

Lmao Karina asked Irene to blow the confetti and Irene really did it

— karina’s wife (@ujiminphoria) November 18, 2023

Irene’s act, innocent and cheerful, was met with peals of laughter from the aespa members, and it wasn’t long before the fans joined in the merriment. This light-hearted interaction was a reminder of the genuine bonds that form between idols, regardless of group affiliation.

Looks like karina asked irene to blow confetti on skz she looked so happy when irene did it pls

— i 樂☆ (@HYUNESDIOR) November 18, 2023

not karina n winter jumping n laughing after irene blew the confetti the way irene smack winter’s arm too lmaoo

— lm__winter hoodie (@winttokkie) November 18, 2023

karina and winter laughing out loud and irene approaching them

— Sunshine (@sunshine_080507) November 18, 2023

Although Hyunjin didn’t immediately notice the gesture, fans are certain that once he catches wind of it, he’ll appreciate the humorous and affectionate act. This interaction, like many others, will be immortalized in fan cams, gifs, and social media posts, contributing to the ever-growing collection of adorable idol interactions.

did my girl irene just blow a confetti on my boi hyunjin’s

— reiִ ۫ ּ ⋆𓍢ִ໋ (@lovbbhyn) November 18, 2023

Today’s show may have been about the music and the performances, but it will be remembered for the spontaneous joy and the laughter shared between Irene, Karina, and Hyunjin — an unexpected trio that delighted many.

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