“Why Were You Born?” AOMG Artist Receives Hurtful Birthday Messages

“Why Were You Born?” AOMG Artist Receives Hurtful Birthday Messages

Singer Meenoi recently opened up about her challenging school years and talked about the comments from “friends” who hurt her.

Meenoi | @meenoie/Instagram

On November 15, AOMG artist Meenoi appeared as a guest on Kian84‘s YouTube channel Life84 and shared how she has been doing while giving a mini-tour of her house.

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In the video, she explained the reason for her long hiatus from activities after her popular YouTube variety show Meenoi’s Yorizori. She shared that she was stressed because she released many songs as an artist, but people only recognized her as a TV personality. However, she said she is not worried about this issue anymore.

At that time, I wanted people to like seeing my musical side. But now, honestly, my worries are gone.

— Meenoi


Meenoi also shared that she used to enjoy spending time alone, but now she is getting used to “opening up her door” and welcoming more people into her life.

I used to like spending time alone, but now, meeting people and having conversations feel like a cycle of life. I used to be too confined in my own world. But now that I opened the door, I realized there are many different types of people.

— Meenoi


She shared that it took her one year to “open up the door,” admitting that it was tough to converse with people in the past. According to Meenoi, she felt ostracized by her peers in middle school because she didn’t watch TV and wasn’t interested in what the others were interested in.

In middle school, I was always alone… I didn’t do or watch the things that other kids did. I didn’t even watch TV. I didn’t even know what Infinite Challenge was.

— Meenoi

“Infinite Challenge” poster | MBC

She then shared an anecdote about the hurtful words her friends left on her birthday poster.

So on my birthday once, we signed a poster, and my peers filled it with the message, ‘Why were you born?’ It was so hurtful. Later, I found out it was a meme from Infinite Challenge.

— Meenoi

Although it turned out to be a popular catchphrase from the show, she shared it was still hurtful that they were teasing her for not knowing what it was.

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Despite that experience, she stated that she doesn’t hold any resentment against them.


Earlier this year, Meenoi joined the hip-hop label AOMG and released a single titled “and you” featuring ZICO.

Check out the episode with Meenoi here.

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