Does Drake Have A Brother?

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On his new EP, For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition, Drake has a song called “Stories About My Brother” in which he raps several lines describing the various attributes of someone he calls his brother. Some examples include: “My brother make your ace disappear like a sleight of hand” and “My brother put some holes in your top, you a Air Force.” Naturally, this might have some fans wondering whether Drake has an actual brother.

As far as public record goes, though, Drake has always been an only child — the sole son of Dennis Graham, a drummer from Memphis, and Sandra “Sandi” Graham, a Canadian teacher and florist. Drake was raised by Sandra in Toronto, spending summers with his father in Memphis.

Any references to a brother are most likely metaphorical; Drake refers to his close friends as his brothers to highlight their bond, strengthening the examples of having friends who’d do anything for you (including, apparently, shooting at people) by comparing their closeness to that of blood brotherhood. Of course, the violent threats are likely metaphorical and hyperbolic, as well.

Drake’s new project also features his latest collaboration with J. Cole, a shout-out to Taylor Swift, and his latest collection of putdowns for rivals Joe Budden and Pusha T.

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