Tyla And Travis Scott’s ‘Water’ Remix Revels In Long-Distance Romance

Travis Scott dials in on the remix of Tyla‘s hit single “Water,” showing off his knowledge of country codes (“It’s +27 when I dial in”) and adding his H-Town touch to extend the song’s success. The single otherwise remains unchanged, still featuring that mellow amapiano backing beat sprinkled with hints of Nigerian Afropop topped with Tyla’s silky, seductive vocals.

That’s a good thing, though, because if it ain’t broke, you don’t have to fix it. The OG was good enough to net the South African singer her first-ever Grammy nomination and her US television debut just a few years into her career, and she’s only likely to go up from there.

Travis, likewise, looks to benefit from the collaboration after semi-successfully bouncing back from the 2021 Astroworld Festival disaster. While he said he’s “devastated” by it in his first interview since then, he’s enjoyed a subdued renewal of his former popularity with his new album Utopia reuniting him with the top spot on the Billboard 200 and its accompanying tour receiving a warm enough reception. He has also returned to feature appearances on other artists’ songs; in addition to the “Water” remix, he also offered a verse on Kid Cudi’s new song “At The Party.”

You can listen to the remix of “Water” above.

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