French Post-Punk Legends Corpus Delicti Return in Their Video for “Chaos”

French Post-Punk Legends Corpus Delicti Return in Their Video for “Chaos”

Hailing from the picturesque city of Nice in 1992, French post-punk ensemble Corpus Delicti was born, comprising Sébastien on vocals, Franck wielding the guitar, Chrys handling the bass, and Roma pounding the drums. Their inaugural offering, Twilight, unveiled in 1993, showcased a dark rock style uncommon in France. Melding post-punk elements with a vivacious blend of creativity and mood-laden melody, they garnered international acclaim, embarking on a US tour and captivating European audiences. Following two subsequent albums, the group disbanded in 1997.

Despite their hiatus, Corpus Delicti’s popularity burgeoned steadily, ultimately leading to a momentous reunion two decades later. They joined forces with Cleopatra, poised to reintroduce their oeuvre to the world. (Regrettably, Roma’s health constraints rendered her unable to participate, prompting the inclusion of Laurent Tamagno from M83 to assume the drumming duties.)

Nearly three decades after the release of their last album, Corpus Delicti are back with a vengeance, unleashing an intense new single, Chaos.

The song’s poignant lyrics bemoan a life devoid of purpose and connection. The absence of vision, friends, and genuine emotions leaves them smiling on the surface – but internally in mourning. The future, with its tantalizing possibilities, is juxtaposed with a haunting past. The struggle to confront chaos and deceit is underscored, emphasizing the futility of concealing one’s true self.

The video, directed by Stéphane Lionardo, showcases the band juxtaposed with nightmarish visions in a curious liminal dimension – representing the demons of humanity? Our own shortcomings and fears? Our secret shame? Take your pick.

Watch the video for “Chaos” below:

Produced in the United States under the stewardship of William Faith (Faith And The Muse, March Violets), and meticulously mastered by Grazz at The Exchange in London, this quartet demonstrates unwavering vigour in their latest track. Their dynamic blend of rock and melodic finesse remains unscathed, setting the stage for an impending global tour.

As the calendar turns to 2024, promising prospects loom large. An eagerly awaited UK tour, featuring a captivating performance at the Manchester Cathedral, beckons. Meanwhile, their return to American shores is eagerly anticipated, followed by a captivating autumn journey through Latin America, culminating in a headline performance at a festival in Mexico City.

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