TBG’s Head Youngin In Charge, Lil Yoshi caught telling on himself?

TBG’s Head Youngin In Charge, Lil Yoshi caught telling on himself?

What up gang.

Back it with the real you know what’s the deal. We bout to check in with Louisiana today cause man, they got a savage over there that been a menace in the streets. That boy Lit Yoshi been stepping left and right on his opps without a care in the world. 

Was only a matter of time before numerous hits on his BBG and NBA rivals caught up with him. Which crime scene was the one that got him arrested? Just how many bodies did he drop? Who are his opps and has NBA Young Boy started beef with the wrong one? We’re going to answer all that and more, so let’s get it.

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First off, this beef in Louisiana goes hella deep. The gang war between Fredo Bang’s Top Boy Gorillas (TBG) and Bottom Boy Gorillas (BBG) and Young Boy’s Never Broke Again (NBA) have been leaving bloodshed and lost everywhere it touched. We’ve covered this entire gang break down in a previous vid I did so you can check that out to understand how all this beef started and the ones pulling the strings behind each gang. I’ll link it in the descriptions below. Lit Yoshi plays a crucial part in all this. TBG’s head youngin is Fredo’s right hand and hitman, and he has the body count to back up that credential https://youtu.be/gV2qJGrYcx0 (0:37-0:46)

Now TBG is topside of Southside Baton Rouge and BBG the bottom side of Southside Baton Rouge. There beef spans far back in time, but one point that sparked the feud with Lit Yoshi towards BBG and NBA was the hit of TBG Gee Money in 2017 https://www.brproud.com/news/local-news/mother-of-local-rapper-gee-money-speaks-out-for-the-first-time-since-his-2017-death/

Because of Gee Money’s beef with NBA Young Boy, many speculated that he was the one that ordered the hit on the rapper’s life, but when cops made the arrest for his death, all those speculations were confirmed. The shooter was YB associate NBA Lil PaP https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/crime_police/article_d1b30b8e-896c-11e9-a023-eb27f4585511.html 

At the time, Gee Money was the face of TBG as a talented rapper and hood dude. After his passing, Fredo would be facing legal issues, and that’s when Lit Yoshi stepped in to put TBG on his back and avenge his TBG partner in the process https://youtu.be/t_Zy-7yv3q0 (2:10-2:22) Let’s just insert one piece of information here. Lit Yoshi is the nephew of notorious TBG founder Lil Ivy who was murked in 2005 https://www.wafb.com/story/4276193/triple-murder-remains-unsolved/

So he’s no stranger to the streets and have been known to strike fear in his opps. On April 6th 2020 Lit Yoshi would go on to gun for NBA Lil Pap’s life and would be caught on 4K in the attempt. Him and another member pulled up in a parking lot of an apartment complex in the 6500 block of Hanks Drive and can be seen offloading shells in one direction. One of the persons on the other end was rumored to later be NBA Lil Pap, but he luckily made it out with his life https://youtu.be/TG21FrkGPRM (0:47-1:05) https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/crime_police/article_ce811918-865c-11ea-b286-b32a680efdea.html

Not ending Pap’s life left the Baton Rouge Demon on the hunt for his opps. The next victims would come just a few months later on July 4th when Yoshi and another assailant, probably the same from the April shooting, pulled up to the 11300 block of Greenwell Springs Road in a silver Ford F-150 and opened fire on 2 adults and 2 kids pulling into an apartment complex in their vehicle. While they sustained injuries, luckily again no one lost their lives. 


Lit Yoshi was terrorizing the city and putting pressure on his opps no matter the collateral damage. His reckless actions however led law enforcement right to him. Nearby video surveillance would identify Yoshi’s vehicle and allow detectives to track the rental company and find out it was rented by Yoshio’s girl. Detectives would swoop in on their apartment location finding Yoshi in the vehicle. Upon searching they found two firearms, and according to the arrest report, one of the guns was matched to ballistics found at the crime scene by the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab. It wasn’t looking like Yoshi’s day at all because detectives would also match the rental car information and video surveillance to connect Yoshi to the April 6 shooting as well. If all this wasn’t evidence enough, booking documents state that they also found clothes from Yoshi’s residence matching those worn during the apartment shooting. 

Yoshi was held on three counts of attempted first-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon and aggravated criminal damage to property in the April 6 shooting on Hanks Drive and four counts of attempted first-degree murder, assault by drive-by shooting, illegal use of a weapon and aggravated criminal damage to property in the July 4 shooting on Greenwell Springs Road. Things were looking bad for the rapper, but if anything was proven by now, was that Yoshi ain’t give a damn. During all this time where he’s out raining shells down on his opps, he was also coming for em online a lot of times on his IG live. From BBG Baby Joe https://youtu.be/j8CaHlDaGUQ (0:33-1:15) who narrowly escaped after being shot in the head https://youtu.be/OVIA8-3NoJc (1:03-1:07) 

To BBG Tyler https://youtu.be/1LMKiA95JcA (1:55-2:34)

To hood legend Boosie Badazz https://youtu.be/f4pwKcyipLE (3:56-4:15) who he accused of switching up on TBG just like NBA Youngboy

Hell, Yoshi was beefing with the whole of BBG like it ain’t nothing https://youtu.be/1LMKiA95JcA (0:37-1:45) and was always strapped for the occasion https://youtu.be/7Qb54wlgdrM (1:11-1:20) He was in and out of prison, under the cops radar, applying pressure on BBG and NBA and at the same time releasing bangers like “First Day Out” https://youtu.be/rj5wRCE1FS8 “Runtz” https://youtu.be/BaG4gjsqApA “Blasting” https://youtu.be/WVcnOE5sSt4 and “Again” with TBG Boss Fredo Bang https://youtu.be/gV2qJGrYcx0 

Dude had the talent to be a problem in music, but the street life he was leading was the only problem that kept stopping his shine on the legal front. It seemed that when you hear his name, it’s always attached to violence or him getting scooped up by the feds, and the next time we heard it, shit was serious. Cops would hold Lit Yoshi and this time they didn’t hold back https://youtu.be/TG21FrkGPRM (0:00-0:47) https://youtu.be/grjGK26baBU (0:10-0:39) Seemed they were building a case in the background over the years and piled up information between the beef between the camps and knew exactly who each member was

With his arrest later came an entire layout of all the crimes they have Lit Yoshi down for, naming him the top enforcer of TBG. That’s how dangerous he became. Yoshi would rack up 7 attempted murder charges among others with bail set at 1.82 mill 



They tied him to a string of crimes on top what they already got him for, one including a 2019 failed Mother’s Day hit on the life of his opp, YB. While at the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, it’s alleged Lit Yoshi was part of the crew that pulled up and opened fire on YB, hitting his girlfriend, grazing a child, and ending the life of an innocent bystander.

https://www.local10.com/news/2019/05/13/man-killed-woman-wounded-in-shootout-involving-rappers/  https://youtu.be/jaSiWsYcafc (0:18-0:22) https://youtu.be/mwisAEjGI4Q

Many like his homie Fredo Bang say the court is only using hear say and semantics to make Yoshi look bad and stack up a case against him.

But this vid of Yoshi riding in Miami with the chopper before YB was targeted, moves things in favor of the law https://www.reddit.com/r/DaDumbWay/comments/ctre03/tbg_lit_yoshi_riding_around_miami_before_the_nba/

All the evidence just keeps piling up for Yoshi. New reports just keep coming in and the most recent claim that the feds have Yoshi on tape from a wiretap talking with another TBG member about the YB shooting on a prison call. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/courts/article_70526766-76b6-11eb-b21a-ab4e0a158456.html#:~:text=Prosecutors%20say%20a%20feud%20between,TBG%20(Top%20Boy%20Gorilla)

Law enforcement goes as far back as to mention the deaths that the feud has caused, mentioning Blvd Quick 

and NBA associate DUMP who’s hit is speculated to be due to Yoshi https://youtu.be/s8H24L2s6W4 (2:47-3:08) https://youtu.be/qy0amEy7Ja8 (6:18-6:34)

One main thing that stands out in the report is the inclusion that Yoshi may have had his opps more shook than previously thought, because it seems someone snitched in a hit that Yoshi aimed to carry out on 4 BBG and NBA members when he rolled up and opened fire.

The report states that a victim corroborated with authorities, and the only reported victims of the shooting was of BBG and NBA. So does this mean someone snitched? https://youtu.be/tcVq8HUFRUA 



It’s crazy that one guy is applying this much pressure, but can you give them wrong if someone folded? Yoshi has been on a murking spree https://youtu.be/_3abWHJb1zk (2:34-2:40), hopping out in broad day light, hitting up kids, sending bullets through houses, taking lives. The man has a reputation of being a savage and it only works against him in his current case. If convicted he’s sure to face football numbers and that would be a shame given the bangers he’s been dropping.

Currently, Yoshi is back out after his bond was posted but his presence online and in music has been silent. This is due to the heavy restrictions placed by the court system. In line with him being out on bond, the judge has ordered Yoshi to refrain from posting on social media and he has also been banned from making music, among some other restrictions. Yoshi’s case is still pending and trust that him and most definitely his opps are waiting just like us to see the outcome. I never wish ill on no one, but you live that life and it’s only two ways out, dead or in jail…time will tell if Yoshi beats the odds and creates a 3rd option. Imma be locked in and would bring any updates your way. So much talent in Baton Rouge man, but this beef is tearing the city apart. RIP to the lives lost and hope them boys ain’t die in vain. As of now, his diss track “Out My Top” to YB continues to woof through speakers https://youtu.be/XexIT917UHE and he’s talks towards Boosie has his nephews on his case who claim that Boosie has money on Yoshi’s head

https://youtu.be/D8LfNIbvJ3A https://youtu.be/X1gjWhOE0SE 

Insider Hotspot Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRomM7ZedDRRo8bPBG8XuFA/videos

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