BABYMONSTER Implicated In Latest BLACKPINK Rumors

Korean netizens reacted to YG Entertainment‘s latest update to BLACKPINK‘s contract negotiations.


On November 14, YG Entertainment released a statement through various media outlets in which they provided an update on negotiations.

YG Entertainment Shares New Update On BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewals

In the statement, the label revealed that despite circulating rumors stating that the majority of BLACKPINK members would not renew, YG Entertainment was still very much in negotiations with them. The label also shared that the final outcome of negotiations will be disclosed in discretionary documents for future investors.

We are negotiating with the artists regarding their exclusive contracts.

The final outcome will be revealed through the document regarding major management issues related to investments.

— YG Entertainment

Netizens reacted to the latest update, with many speculating on the members’ next move. Many also felt that the label was holding off on revealing the results of their months-long negotiations until their new group, BABYMONSTER, debuts.

“Don’t you think they all went to THEBLACKLABEL? That’s where Teddy is, after all.” “I think they are going to reveal that YG is only handling the group promotions.” “They are just waiting until BABYMONSTER debuts… Who here really thinks that they reached a compromise? LOL.” “Still?…” “The way YG handles business is unique for sure. They are different than other companies.” “I just wish they left out the stripper.” “I will bet my finger that they are just hoping to wait until BABYMONSTER debuts.” “At this point, don’t you think they failed negotiations?” “Did some of the members go to THEBLACKLABEL?”

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