Dispatch Releases Keena’s Shocking Group Text To FIFTY FIFTY Members And Their Families In Bombshell Exposé

Dispatch Releases Keena’s Shocking Group Text To FIFTY FIFTY Members And Their Families In Bombshell Exposé

Dispatch released a shocking group text Keena had sent to her members and their families.


On November 15, Dispatch released an exposé on the investigative TV show Unanswered Question‘s FIFTY FIFTY episode. Much of the exposé was centered around an anonymous informant, much of whose testimony would later be proved to have been false.

In the exposé, Dispatch also revealed a group text that Keena had sent to her then-fellow FIFTY FIFTY members and their families. In the text sent on September 4, Keena reveals her uneasiness with how things had transpired thus far.

No matter how well we prepared for the lawsuit, we have always had setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances, and thus, I no longer can trust in an uncertain future and just wait.

— Keena

Keena then reveals that the members, as feared by fans, had very little say in proceedings, stating that they had followed along with the “Adults” and were even discouraged from taking part in negotiations with ATTRAKT.

Until now, we have faithfully listened and followed the discretion of the adults. Whether we are present at the first round of negotiations, ATTRAKT is able to manipulate the media as they want, but it is true that I am afraid that if we don’t take part in negotiations, our image as “Traitor Idols” will be solidified. But the biggest reason (for my uncertainty) is the fact that I don’t understand why we are avoiding negotiating without even listening to the other side, especially after our injunction has been dismissed.

— Keena

Keena then lamented the adults’ decision to keep the members from taking part in negotiations and stated that she felt that it was time the two parties compromised.

You said that we would be in a disadvantageous situation if we took part in the first round of negotiations, but looking at the situation now, it is already late (as we should have met with ATTRAKT earlier), and I am beginning to suspect that we should have, at the very least, had a conversation at the start of this. I think it is time that we compromise.

I know we were trying to be a Joan Of Ark-like figure for all K-Pop idols and to take on their struggles, but it is true that we fought meaninglessly by forcing our complaints against what is widely accepted as reasonable.

— Keena

Keena then hinted that there was discourse among members and that the members had never met in person to speak about their legal battle. The idol then finishes her text by stating that she will be parttaking in upcoming negotiations and lamented that the members had been left out of all communication regarding their legal battle.

I won’t force my thoughts on the other members. We don’t seem to agree on much anyway, and we’ve never met in person to talk about this, and we’ve never had the opportunity to really talk about what we thought about the situation. So, I respect their wishes. I don’t think my desire to listen to what the other side (ATTRAKT) has to say, this once, will change.

I will take part in negotiations, no matter what, and I will listen to what they say. I would like to say that I am still skeptical about what Ahn Sun Il and the lawyers, who have ignored our wishes and have left the members out in proceedings, have to say. In the future, I believe we should be present at every meeting. We would like to know everything about what is going on. It is our dream and our life, and so I am telling you that we will be the ones who listen, who voice their objections, and who make the decisions.

— Keena

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