PinkPantheress says she thinks ‘Boy’s A Liar’ is “crap”

PinkPantheress says she thinks ‘Boy’s A Liar’ is “crap”

PinkPantheress has labelled her hit song ‘Boy’s A Liar’ and the remix as “crap”.

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The singer and producer spoke to The Guardian, where she opened up about her newfound fame and how it’s impacted her career. “With every new height that I achieve, I feel like I have to do something that proves that I’m a serious artist,” she said. “Even with ‘Boy’s a Liar’: people know me for the song, but I feel like now I have to prove that I can write.”

PinkPantheress then went on to admit that she “didn’t expect it to be my biggest song”: “I thought on an internet level it was going to be big. I didn’t expect it to be big on the radio.”

The artist also revealed that she thought ‘Boy’s a Liar’ and its remix with Ice Spice was “crap”: “The songs that are not my greatest are the ones that do better.” She also called the song ‘Internet Baby’ off her new album ‘Heaven knows‘ “crap”.

However, she did say that ‘I Must Apologise’ from her debut mixtape ‘To hell with it‘ is “her personal favourite”, along with ‘Barbie‘ soundtrack contribution ‘Angel’: “It was so much fun. I was really excited to be asked. I loved the actual process of meeting the director. I got to meet Mark Ronson. I went on set.”

PinkPantheress recently released her debut album ‘Heaven knows’ on November 10, which NME rated four stars: “Ultimately, what makes ‘Heaven Knows’ such a compelling debut is its ability to create British wistfulness. The emotions and sounds are familiar enough to pull you in, and peculiar enough to make you stay. Heaven knows the boundaries of Pink’s talent to come.”

In other recent news, the singer revealed that she missed a potential collaboration with Kendrick Lamar after putting her phone on silent to watch a film: “Oh fuck, I can’t even think about it. I was watching Nightcrawler with this guy.”

The Bath-born musician also said recently that she used to cry herself to sleep because she couldn’t become a K-pop star. “There was one year where I– [laughs] I remember I would go to bed upset each day that I know I couldn’t be a K-pop star,” she said.

“At the time, I thought you had to be Korean to be a K-pop star,” she added. ”I used to cry myself to sleep, even though I can’t perform like that. I can’t dance at all. Like, I just love watching it.”

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