The First HYBE Artist To Appear On MBC’s “Show! Music Core” In Four Years Is Finally Revealed

The First HYBE Artist To Appear On MBC’s “Show! Music Core” In Four Years Is Finally Revealed

After the “truce” between HYBE and MBC, the first artist was revealed to be the first to appear on the station’s show Show! Music Core in four years.

On October 30, the official truce between HYBE and MBC was a hot topic online. During a conference, MBC and HYBE expressed regret over the artists who may have been affected by the two companies’ rift.

Ahn Hyun Joon (left) and Bang Si Hyuk (right) | Hankook Ilbo

The two companies have been at odds for around four years, which many think stemmed from BTS not appearing at MBC’s year-end festival due to schedule conflicts. After this, HYBE artists were hardly seen on the broadcast shows done by MBC.

Yet, many expected change as during the meeting, MBC has also reportedly opened up discussions to produce future content together. At first, it was seen as MBC started posting videos about SEVENTEEN, who were popular on the broadcast station before joining HYBE.

On November 6, it was announced that the first HYBE group will be making their appearance on an MBC show, and it’s none other than ENHYPEN.

The members of ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

The group are set for their comeback with the album Orange Blood, with the title track Sweet Venom, later in the month and have been teasing fans on what to expect on social media.


— BELIFT LAB (@BELIFTLAB) November 5, 2023

For their promotions, it was announced that ENHYPEN would be the first HYBE group in four years to appear on Show! Music Core to promote their upcoming album.

Some of the last performances from HYBE artists on the show were TXT‘s performances after their debut and BTS‘s promotions for Boy With Luv, both at the start of 2019 before all the “drama” started.

Your browser does not support video.TXT’s performance on the show of “Cat & Dog” were amongst the last available online | MBCKpop/YouTube Your browser does not support video.BTS’s last promotions on the show was for “Boy With Luv” | MBCKpop/YouTube   

With the “beef” officially over, many hope HYBE artists will start appearing on more MBC shows, especially as the end of the year approaches.

You can read the full story below.

HYBE And MBC Have Finally Patched Up — But Where Did The Feud Begin?

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