Korean Netizens Demand Answers Following G-Dragon’s Test Results

Korean Netizens Demand Answers Following G-Dragon’s Test Results

Netizens reacted to G-Dragon‘s test results.


On November 6, Yonhap News reported that K-Pop icon G-Dragon had tested negative for drugs.

The news follows an earlier report from the day stating that G-Dragon met with Incheon Police officers to be investigated for drugs after the idol was implicated in Lee Sun Kyun’s own alleged drug scandal. Previous reports also stated that the idol would be undergoing a drug test.

G-Dragon’s Drug Test Results Revealed

Netizens, however, were shocked to learn that  G-Dragon had tested negative. The latest revelation is especially confusing for netizens as Incheon Police, in a rare move, publicized that G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun were being investigated for drugs. The Police very seldom reveal the identity of the accused themselves.

Equally confusing is the fact that Lee Sun Kyun has also tested negative for drugs.

Lee Sun Kyun | DongA Ilbo

Netizens reacted to the negative test results with anger and skepticism. Some went as far as accusing the Korean government of releasing false celebrity news to cover something up.

“F@ck, what happens now? He was criticized so much…” “G-Dragon gave up his hair for nothing… In the future, I hope we live in a world where celebrity news doesn’t distract us from political news.” “Wow… They said it felt like the government was trying to cover something up. It feels like they were telling the truth.” “I hope G-Dragon sues everybody. This is real life.” “I really hope he sues everybody. Everyone crossed the line and mocked him when there was no evidence. From YouTube sleuths to malicious commenters, I think you guys can all get sued.” “What evidence were the Police relying on when banning him from leaving the country?” “What evidence compelled Police to ban him from leaving the country?

“F@ck. I was pissed when you guys uploaded that post about him acting like a druggie.” “Sigh. Both Police and malicious commenters should be put away in jail, where they can debate what made them so confident that he had used drugs.” “Whether he is positive or not, I think all of the reports were to distract us from the Dokdo issue.” “Shouldn’t that person who worked at the brothel be sued for defamation?” “There were over 5000 malicious commenters on this community alone.” “I feel so bad for him… There was so much hate towards him…” “What is this? He didn’t do it?”

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