Korean Train Station Sign Goes Viral After Its Method Of “Encouraging” Netizens To Exercise Is Deemed “Mean” And “Offensive”

Korean Train Station Sign Goes Viral After Its Method Of “Encouraging” Netizens To Exercise Is Deemed “Mean” And “Offensive”

It is well known that Korea has strict beauty standards when it comes to the way someone looks. One glance at the expectations for idols showcases that they are meant to look a certain way to be deemed “beautiful” or “handsome.”

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is seen as a standard Korean beauty | @sooyaaa__/Instagram BTS’s V has also gained attention for his “handsome visuals”

It seems like Korea has the most unconventional ways of persuading people to stay healthy and the strict beauty standards they have.

Recently, a content creator has gone viral after sharing a video of a station in Seoul. As they walked towards the exit, there were two small men on the floor, one “normal” sized and compared to the other, which seemed “chubbier,” and that many said reminded them of the character Baymax.

Your browser does not support video.| @dailydoseofkorean/TikTok 

It was then revealed that the “chubbier” man was pointing in the direction of the escalators in comparison to the “normal” man, who was in the direction of the stairs.

Your browser does not support video.| @dailydoseofkorean/TikTok

In the caption, the user pointed out that it was in Sabgbong station in Seoul.

Of course, while it seemed “Offensive” to many fans when they first saw it, many realized that it was actually a way of trying to “encourage” citizens to walk for their health rather than take the escalator.

When the video was posted…


🥲Imagine seeing that every day… #lifeinkorea #koreanthings #koreanculture For someone who’s curious, it’s in Sangbong station

♬ bunyi asal – haa – haa

Netizens couldn’t hide their reactions to the unexpected method of getting people to take the stairs.

While some joked that it was trying to be “cute” by using the character Baymax, others pointed out that it seemed to confirm Korea’s standards of beauty and the bluntness of society when it comes to visuals.

Of course, there are many reasons why people might take the escalator, which might not have been taken into consideration when creating the “campaign.” It might have been created with good intentions, but it isn’t surprising that it’s received mixed reactions from global netizens.

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