Hollywood Actress Considers Park Seo Joon The Most Famous Actor She Has Ever Worked With

Hollywood Actress Considers Park Seo Joon The Most Famous Actor She Has Ever Worked With

Many are excited to see actor Park Seo Joon in the latest Marvel film, The Marvels. Recently, his co-star shared her thoughts on working with the Itaewon Class actor.

Your browser does not support video.ParNovember 4 in “The Marvels” | MarvelKorea/YouTube  

On November 4, a video was uploaded to MarvelKorea‘s YouTube channel where the actors shared their thoughts and impressions on The Marvels.

Brie Larson, the American actress who plays Captain Marvel, expressed her wonder at working with Park Seo Joon and his fame.

Park Seo Joon [is] maybe the most famous person I’ve ever worked with in my life.

— Brie Larson

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Despite being a global actor and even “the most famous actor” Brie Larson has ever worked with, Park Seo Joon expressed humility and amazement at being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

It’s strange to even me that I’m in this movie. Everything is just surprising to me.

— Park Seo Joon

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Brie Larson was not wrong when she said Park Seo Joon was famous. Recently, it was revealed in an interview with Cine21 that Park Seo Joon was cast as Prince Yan because the film’s director, Nia Dacosta, was a fan of Itaewon Class, where Park Seo Joon played the leading role.

Park Seo Joon in “Itaewon Class” | JTBC

Many are excited to see Park Seo Joon in The Marvels and how he will portray Prince Yan.

Park Seo Joon as Prince Yan | Marvel

Brie Larson added that all the actors in the film were “doing incredible things” and that they did a lot of improv while acting out the scenes. She added that the action for this movie was “next level” and amazing.

“The Marvels” poster | Marvel

The Marvels is set to be released this month.

Check out the full video here.

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