Cameron and the Slumberknights Releases intricate Single ‘Summer Rains’

Cameron and the Slumberknights Releases intricate Single ‘Summer Rains’

The latest release from Cameron and the Slumberknights is the moody lofi rap B-side ‘Summer Rains’. The track delivers the frontman’s most intricate verses to date, painting a vivid tapestry of Cam’s childhood, when the world was at the foot of his bike’s kickstand. A stark contrast to the sparkling soundscape of its sister-song ‘I Held You So Close’ (released October 6th), the track is built upon gloomy electric pianos, with electric guitars blossoming amidst the candid storytelling, which offers a touchingly relatable insight into the wistfulness of youth.

On the track, frontman Cam shares,

Summer Rains started taking shape before the pandemic, if you’d believe it! I finally finished writing it a year later, and then produced it with the band. I wanted to write a song that would reflect the way I felt as a nostalgic 20-something, as if time was slipping away post-graduation, owing to the pandemic (and Brexit, probably). I’m indescribably proud to say I think we pulled it off. I hope the song is able to remind you of playing out as much as it does for me; Summer Rains isn’t meant to be melancholy, but bittersweet instead.

These are my best verses ever, I think! Even looking back, having written them a short while ago, I think they capture the pangs of nostalgia I was feeling at the time. We didn’t know how good we had it!

I have very vivid memories of riding around the neighbourhood on my bike – sometimes me and my friends would be on our adventures, but other times I’d be listening to something like Relapse, Recovery or Thank Me Later, enjoying the English summer. Those summers, when I’d rush out the door as soon as the showers stopped, whilst the rainbows were still reaching, and hit the wet tarmac with screeching tires, will always be an escape for me. The smell of rain on the pavement – petrichor – always makes me feel that little bit better about growing up.

Cameron and the Slumberknights have been gracing our ears with vibe-laden, bittersweet nostalgia since their formation in 2019. After impressing with their hip-shaking debut ‘Pour’ and their introspective sophomore anthem ‘Midnight’, as well as their pop-soul infused third single ‘Old Jacinto’, the band now find themselves reflecting on their sound and entering a new era of their music. Fronted by South African songwriter Cameron Donald, the band also features Jim “Creature.” Cornelissen on drums, Lana Lubany collaborator Ben Thomson on guitar and Dan Collins on bass.

Praised for their sincerity (Ryan Gaur, Central Sauce) and irrefutable groove (Robin Fulton, Earmilk), Cameron and the Slumberknights pride themselves on the musicality and substance of their coming-of-age songwriting. Throughout their music, the collective tackle themes such as youth, faith and depression in their exploration of The Slumber.

On what’s next for the band they add,

It’s been a quiet year or so of introspection for us, but we’ve come out of that feeling energised and enthusiastic about our next foray into The Slumber. The Summer Rains Pack features my favourite songwriting of mine to-date, and captures a powerful sense of nostalgia, which I’m very proud of. That said, my ink isn’t dry and there’s a pen to be flexed! We’re very hopeful of getting a truly authentic body of work out next year.

Myself and honorary Slumberknight Will Crane (of Dog Food fame) recently finished a week-long songwriting and production camp, where we were figuring out what Cameron and the Slumberknights could do next. We’re both incredibly excited about what we knocked up, and can’t wait to get back to work on those songs! I’m immensely proud of the way the Slumberknights project  is evolving, and am beyond grateful for the support we’ve had on our journey so far.


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