Artist DEAN Is Gaining Attention For The “Ingenious” Way Of Seemingly Teasing A Return After His Long “Haitus”

Artist DEAN Is Gaining Attention For The “Ingenious” Way Of Seemingly Teasing A Return After His Long “Haitus”

Singer DEAN is gaining attention after his seemingly “Ingenious” ways of possibly teasing a comeback.

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After debuting in 2016 with the 130 Mood: TRBL EP, DEAN swiftly rose to fame thanks to his addictive voice, and netizens became obsessed with his releases.

Yet, after a huge period of no news from DEAN, many thought he was close to retirement. After what seems like forever since his last release… it seems like a comeback might be closer than ever.

Last month, there were small signs that DEAN might be having a comeback, with a stylist posting a photo of the computer folder named “DEAN.” It was followed up by another picture saying “DEAN Album Cover.”

Everyone, the time might have come !

Dean has been cooking for a while now, and seems like his comeback is coming sometime soon

Are you all ready ?#DEAN #KRNB

— Seoul Therapy (@seoul_therapy) October 20, 2023

At the start of the month, netizens got extremely excited when they noticed that DEAN had changed his profile picture on the Korean streaming site MelOn. It unsurprisingly started fuelling rumors of a comeback even more…



And if you call the phone number on the poster …

— tea time (@dropthekhhtea) November 4, 2023

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that DEAN seemed to be teasing a comeback and the ingenious way he was doing it.

“HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN” posters were seen near Seongsu station…. People are speculating that this a promotional poster for DEAN’s upcoming album

Poster includes contact information such as the Instagram @ jaahlink and a number. #DEAN #Deantrbl #딘 #권혁

— (@Deansstar) November 4, 2023

DEAN is seamingly teasing his comeback as fans began sharing photos of ‘missing’ posters of the singer hung up in Seoul.

The poster encourages those who read the sign to contact @/jaahlink on Instagram or call the number (+82) 70-8979-0229. When called, a mysterious audio…

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) November 5, 2023

LOOK: Missing posters of DEAN were seen around. Could this mean something?

There is a phone number indicated on the poster that when you call, a music plays on. See the video below.

(Photos and recordings not mine. Credits to the rightful owners)

— you.will.knovv updates (@youwillkn0vv) November 4, 2023

Amidst the excitement, November 6 also brought changes as DEAN changed his Spotify profile picture to the same one seen on MelOn.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before an official announcement is made. You can read more about the hints about previous hints below.

DEAN’s Official Return? — Fans Hopeful After Spying Multiple Hints

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