Actor Lee Sun Kyun Claims He “Got Tricked” Into Taking Drugs At The Adult Establishment

Actor Lee Sun Kyun Claims He “Got Tricked” Into Taking Drugs At The Adult Establishment

It has been reported that Parasite and My Mister actor Lee Sun Kyun claimed during police investigations that he did do drugs, though “unknowingly.”

Actor Lee Sun Kyun | Yonhap

According to Korean legal associates and other industry insiders, Lee went under hours of his second round of investigations as of November 5, 2023, KST at the Incheon Police Station.

During the questioning, Lee claimed that he was “tricked” by the female manager of the adult establishment—whom he referred to as an “acquaintance.”

The manager tricked me. She gave me something and didn’t tell me the truth about what it was. I had no idea that I was doing drugs.

— Lee Sun Kyun

Based on these statements, Korean media reported that Lee has since admitted to doing drugs (as well as visiting adult establishments) while denying the intent. The reports have cleared up the confusion that was previously caused by Lee’s negative drug tests.

Netizens Are Left Confused After Lee Sun Kyun’s Latest Drug Test Results

Koreans remain unimpressed with the news of Lee’s statements at the investigation. Online communities saw a flood of comments, most of which expressed disbelief—along with disgust at the fact that, in a sense, he also admitted to having been a member of the adult establishment.

| theqoo “So he did do drugs, then? I guess negative drug tests don’t mean 100% negative. Did he do some kind of new drug that goes untested?” “Isn’t that grand? I can’t believe he thought this would be a good enough excuse. Did he think we’d all be like, ‘Oh, that’s too bad,’ if he said he didn’t know and he was tricked? And that we’d overlook the fact that he did go to adult establishments? We’re not stupid.” “What a loser.” “I thought he tested negative, though? He must’ve felt guilty.” “You know what they say, though. Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl. And you attract people that you resemble. So… IDK. What about your wife and kids? Did you think about them?” [Deleted Comment] “How exactly does one make acquaintances with a female manager at an adult establishment? Unless he’s a regular there.” “An adult establishment, eh?” “So he chose a sex scandal over a drug scandal.” “This man needs to stop pretending he was a victim. If he gets away with this, soon he’ll be back on the big screen saying he’ll repay for the love and support with good acting, or whatever. I hate how male actors can be f*cking criminals, yet they still somehow make it back to the industry. So generous.” “But there is no way you can’t tell apart weed.” “I feel like [admitting that he knows someone from the adult establishment] is even more disappointing…? Like, sir… You have a wife. And kids.” “I’m sorry, but what exactly led a married man with kids to make acquaintances with a female manager at an adult establishment?”

Read more about the adult establishment that Lee is said to have frequented:

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