San Diego Darkwave Duo Twin Ion Engine Debut New Single “SUPERNOVA”

From the vibrant underground of San Diego arises TWIN ION ENGINE, a band that distills the quintessence of post-punk and darkwave into an audibly arresting concoction. Since its inception in 2020 by frontman Eddie Lopez, TWIN ION ENGINE has evolved from a solitary endeavor into a compelling duo that is a force to be reckoned with.

Eddie Lopez has woven a tapestry of sound that echoes with the spectral notes of post-punk forebears, yet asserts its own modernity. The soundscape of TWIN ION ENGINE is draped in the dusk of melancholic vocals and lit by the piercing glimmer of guitar riffs, all set against a backdrop of robust basslines and the propulsive beat of drums. TIE’s sonic realm is deeply rooted in the alternative rock ethos of the early 2000s, while also paying homage to the classic allure of the ’80s.

Their latest offering, “SUPERNOVA,” is the debut single from the forthcoming album Dark Fetish, which is set to be unveiled in December 2023.

“SUPERNOVA” is a cosmos of sound in itself—a constellation of punchy drum patterns, contemplative bass, and guitar work that spirals into the dark yet shimmering heights, all carried forward by vocals that resonate with the raw emotion of existential angst.

Described by Lopez, “SUPERNOVA” lyrically navigates the turbulent journey of emotional distress, casting a tale of love lost akin to an affliction that is felt as much in the heart as it is in the body.

The song’s lyrics offer a glimpse into a dialogue of confusion and yearning for clarity in the midst of emotional chaos:

“You seem off today Can’t tell… What do you mean? I need medication, don’t feel right Doc will see me now I’m not feeling well”

This repetitive chorus amplifies the sense of inner turmoil, encapsulating the feeling of being caught in a loop of despair.

Delve into the shadowy depths of TWIN ION ENGINE’s “SUPERNOVA” by pressing play on the Bandcamp player below, or find it on your preferred streaming service here.


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