Kayo Man puts the industry on alert with his upcoming banger “Boss Talk”

Kayo Man puts the industry on alert with his upcoming banger “Boss Talk”

After conquering his obstacles to ascend the hip hop charts, Kayo Man is celebrating beating the odds with his soon to be released single “Boss Talk.”

Born in Seminola Miami, Florida, Kyle Washington aka Kayo Man has been carving a path to success in the music industry. After touring with Robb Banks in 2015, Kayo Man went on to release hit singles and projects like “Deja Vu” “Sky High” and “Yoman.” His fanbase has since been multiplied exponentially and he has collaborated with mainstream artists such as Compton Menace, Sauce Walka, Marley G, Toosii, and L.A.’s J Stone. Now, Kayo Man has his sights set on worldwide takeover with a new single, not letting up the pressure for the remainder of 2021.

The track, titled “Boss Talk” speaks in itself of the heat layered over the infectious instrumental. Kayo Man is determined to leave his mark on hip hop history, and it is seen in every release that touches the airwaves. “Boss Talk” symbolizes a message that is loud and clear, “I am here for a good time and a long time.” The energy and lyrical skills it takes for an artist to pen and record a track with such intensity and inspiring aura is something only a rare few like Kayo Man can accomplish. “Boss Talk” is an authentic representation of who Kayo Man truly is; unstoppable, resilient, and ambitious. His trials have only aided in pushing him into bossing up and going hard for all that is his in the industry. The upcoming single rides a wave that is unique to the Miami spitter, crafted with melodic lyricism that delivers perfection over the beat. Kayo Man finds inspiration within his experiences to give to fans a track that will instill a sense of purpose within their own dreams. The single is aimed to uplift listeners to step out on their lane and level up in every aspect of their lives. It packs all the ingredients needed to be a viral hit; cadence, catchy, influential, replay value, and can set any club or area ablaze as the beat drops.

Kayo Man has outdone himself with his upcoming single “Boss Talk.” It will be the celebration song for years and generations to come. With a scheduled release date of September 22nd, 2021, fans are patiently waiting for the day to arrive to indulge in what is being called the upcoming single of the year. Kayo Man is South Florida’s next big superstar on the rise. Don’t miss out on what all the buzz around his name has been about. Follow his career and get to know one of the most promising artists coming out of SoFlo. His single is going to be a monumental hit, look out for it when it arrives on September 22nd. Artist Links: https://spark.adobe.com/page/yBOngQHafA2Dj/

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