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Zior Park returns with his new EP, “WHERE DOES SASQUATCH LIVE? PART 2” featuring six music videos. This is a direct continuation of his previous release, “WHERE DOES SASQUATCH LIVE? PART 1”, which dropped earlier this year in February. 

Zior Park’s quirky imagination is inherent in each track and video. In a whimsical and fairytale-like manner, Zior Park tells the story of a man on a quest to find the mythical being Sasquatch. It’s touching on themes of purity, childlike wonder, and dreams, engaging the contemporary audience with various thoughts and topics.

“Hi everyone. I’m making my comeback with <WHERE DOES SASQUATCH LIVE? PART 2>, a sequel to my previous album. This album is composed of more pop-oriented music with a ‘children’s musical’ concept. Like a diary that contains stories from my childhood, it also features six music videos that offer a glimpse into the various inspirations and influences I’ve received. Creating various fantasies and reflecting on myself through this album has been a very enjoyable experience. I hope you enjoy it. ”

 – Zior Park

The album includes eight new songs, all of which Zior Park participated in writing, composing, and arranging. The title track, “BYE BYE BYE,” features South Korean-German rapper and singer Sion, who is best known for being a semi-finalist on The Voice of Germany. 

Zior Park held a premiere event on November 1st at the MEGABOX theater in Seongsu, where the entire music video series was unveiled for the first time, leaving a strong impression on the attendees. Following the album release, Zior Park plans to continue with various activities, including a listening session with Spotify and a pop-up store to showcase the vast world behind the album.

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