Madrid Gothic Rock Ensemble New Wave Kill Debuts Bewitching Video for “Between Shadows”

Madrid Gothic Rock Ensemble New Wave Kill Debuts Bewitching Video for “Between Shadows”

Invoking a dark storm looming on the horizon, Madrid’s Gothic Rock ensemble, New Wave Kill, beckons an otherworldly allure to the global darkwave stage with their third single release.

Their newest offering, “Between Shadows,” heralds the ensemble’s eagerly awaited debut album slated for a grand entrance in the forthcoming year. The track is a captivating blend of Gothic Post Punk with a hint of Neofolk, echoing the revered sounds of iconic bands like Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus. There is also a subtle touch of Nick Cave’s haunting charm, as well as vibes reminiscent of The Cult, Joy Division, Chelsea Wolfe, and The Smiths, all coming together to create an enthralling musical venture.

The aural architecture of “Between Shadows” boasts angular post-punk guitar cadences, a pulsating bassline, crisp snares, and hi-hat, together weaving the atmospheric darkwave aesthetics with a baroque structural flair and a tantalizing bridge that is as spine-tingling as it is captivating.

Produced by the adept Ola Ersfjord, known for his illustrious endeavors with Tribulation, Lucifer, and Jonathan Hulten, both the single and the imminent album encapsulate the frigid yet beguiling allure of 80s-style darkwave. Spearheaded by the enigmatic vocalist Felipe Vein, alongside virtuosos Iulia Richea on the keys, Juan Córdoba with the sticks, and Nico Aguirre on bass, this Madrid-based quartet is gearing up to carve out a notable legacy with their razor-sharp knack for gothic rock.

Regarding the song’s anthemic appeal, “Between Shadows is the scream of a generation striving to preserve its uniqueness amidst a facade-centric society,” muses Felipe.

The lyrical tale is elevated with a visually entrancing music video orchestrated by the band alongside filmmaker Irene Montes. Set against a Brutalist architectural panorama, it unveils a compelling performance through a labyrinth of corridors and balconies, with Felipe’s velvety baritone caressing the misty night.

Indulge in the visual odyssey of “Between Shadows” below:

Although their journey has only just commenced, New Wave Kill has already grazed the stages alongside bands like Ploho, hinting at a propitious future that awaits them. They’ve already teased their upcoming debut album with the release of the previous two singles, “Cold Night” and “Maze Of The Devil”, which have set the stage for their captivating story to unfold in Spring 2024.

Delve deeper into their darkwave saga through the official video for Cold Night and get lost in the aural labyrinth of Maze of the Devil.

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