Where Is He Now? The Male Idol That Was Caught Liking Nudes On Instagram

Where Is He Now? The Male Idol That Was Caught Liking Nudes On Instagram

In 2016, a momentary Instagram mishap caught former BEAST member Hyunseung in a wave of controversy that left fans and netizens bewildered. This incident was just a prelude to Hyunseung’s evolving journey in the K-Pop industry, which saw him transition from a group member to a solo artist, weather military service, and eventually find a new beginning under a fresh label and stage name.

Jang Hyunseung | Cube Entertainment

The controversy happened in January 2016, just a few days into the new year. The former BEAST star found himself in hot water after allegedly liking a nude photo on Instagram. This incident drew attention as some fans were shocked due to the idol’s many underage followers, while others believed it could have been an accidental like due to Instagram’s double tap feature.

Just weeks after the controversy, on April 19, Cube Entertainment announced Hyunseung’s departure from BEAST to pursue a career as a solo artist. The following months saw him making his first broadcast appearance post-BEAST on the dance competition program, Hit The Stage, in July.

By December 13 of the same year, he renewed his contract with Cube Entertainment, indicating a continuous professional relationship between the artist and the agency — despite his departure from BEAST.

Like most male idols, Hyunseung’s career took a brief pause when he enlisted in the military in July 2018, fulfilling his mandatory service duties. He was discharged on March 13, 2020, and fans eagerly awaited his return to the music scene.

And their wait would be rewarded in December 2020, when Hyunseung broke his musical silence with the release of a digital single titled “I Want to Wrap Your Cold Hands Warmly.” The song marked his first activity post-military discharge, showcasing his undeterred passion for music. He released the song on digital charts and YouTube under the title “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.”

However, a significant change occurred in August 2021, when Hyunseung’s exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment expired. This ended a long-term professional relationship, opening new avenues for the artist.

As of the latest update in September 2022, Hyunseung is now signed to a new label, Mine Field, and has adopted the stage name ‘ABLE.’ This new chapter hints at a fresh start for the artist, away from past controversies. The transition showcases Hyunseung’s resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving K-Pop industry.

The journey from being a member of BEAST to now going by the stage name ABLE under a new label illustrates Hyunseung’s continuous pursuit of his musical passion, despite the hurdles and controversies faced along the way. His story is one of many that serves as proof of the challenges and opportunities that come with life under the K-Pop spotlight.

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