Cardi B Weighs In On Atlanta Restaurant Scene, Agrees It’s Mid

Cardi B Weighs In On Atlanta Restaurant Scene, Agrees It’s Mid

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Cardi B is not the one to hold her tongue. She recently chimed in on controversy surrounding the Atlanta food scene.

The Bronx, New York, native has been living in Atlanta for some time after marrying Offset. According to HipHopDox, last week a popular social media food critic named Keith Lee recently conducted several reviews of the city’s most frequented eateries and while some locations hit the mark, many did not. As expected his content quickly went viral, and it seems that it landed on Bardi’s radar prompting her to give her two cents on the matter.

Last weekend she addressed the situation on Instagram Live. “I feel like Atlanta restaurants, they don’t like to make money,” she stated. “I feel like they don’t like people, they don’t like they customers, they just don’t f*cking like it. You could barely order in Atlanta restaurants.” Cardi B went on to further detail her struggles with getting food. “It gets to the point that I have to tell people that order food for me, ‘Can you just name-drop my name?’ Because they don’t do no pick up orders, they don’t do deliveries, they just don’t do sh*t.”

The “Press” rapper also made it clear the customer service also needs course correcting. “Even with the bougie restaurants, it’s not as bad as the Atlanta service. It’s like they treat you like they doing you a favor! Like, y’all want mothaf*ckas to come back?”

You can see Cardi’s rant below.

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