‘Lies Of P’ shows off a pirate ship in downloadable content images

‘Lies Of P’ shows off a pirate ship in downloadable content images

Publisher Neowiz Games and developer Round8 Studio have shown off concepts for upcoming downloadable content for Lies Of P, and it appears to be occurring at sea.

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Director Jiwon Choi showed in his video letter to fans “never-before-seen sketches that tease a small portion of the content that will be available in the first downloadable content”.

The first image shows Pinocchio standing in the middle of a wrecked ship that has washed up on the rocks in the night. There’s one lantern illuminating the scene, however, there is someone swinging down from the crow’s nest out of the protagonist’s sight.

‘Lies Of P’ Credit: Neowiz Games

The second image is much more industrial with an enormous turbine at the centre. Pinocchio appears to be standing at a deck which might be controlling the turbine, and there’s a gap in the flooring in the foreground looking like it’s been ripped apart.

Crucially, these two sketches seemingly have very little to do with what was seen at the end of Lies Of P – a little girl dressed in red with red shoes clicking her heels together.

As such, the theory that the game would be lifting from The Wizard Of Oz isn’t applicable. On the other hand, the pirate ship is reminiscent of Peter Pan.

In November, a balance patch will be added for the game containing “significant changes to weapon and character balance, as well as quality-of-life changes to ease the difficulty in the early stages of the game”.

‘Lies Of P’ Credit: Neowiz Games

On top of this, Lies Of P players will be thanked for their support with a new outfit and a new feature whereby glasses and hats can be equipped individually for more character customisation.

Lies Of P is out now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

In other gaming news, Silent Hill: Ascension has been disparaged for the inclusion of paid points that can change the outcome of the viewer-voted story choices.

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