Where Is He Now? The “Hottest Visual” From All “Produce 101” Seasons Worldwide Has Only Gotten More Handsome

Where Is He Now? The “Hottest Visual” From All “Produce 101” Seasons Worldwide Has Only Gotten More Handsome

In 2016, the very first season and iteration of Produce 101 aired, introducing a host of talented trainees to the public to debut a carefully curated group.

Since then, the Produce series has transformed and evolved by introducing male trainees and moving the idea to other countries. In 2018 and 2019, China and Japan introduced their versions of the show, debuting groups in each country.

Rocket Girls

Each season, there are a few trainees who are immediately noticed by netizens for their good looks, like season one’s Lai Kua Lin.

Lai Kua Lin

The second season of China’s Idol Produceintroduced netizens to Yaochi, who quickly gained popularity due to his visuals.

Yaochi | iQIY

Yaochi was so popular that he made it to the top fifteen, ultimately placing twelfth overall. Even though he did not make the final group, netizens were sure he had a bright future.

They were correct!

Sometime in 2019, Yaochi left his entertainment company, though he continued working on his career. The star also found time to graduate from China University of Geosciences with a degree in English, finishing school in 2021.

| Weibo

During this year, his drama appearances picked up, with Yao Chi landing main roles in dramas like Don’t Leave After School and Out of The Dream. He also appeared in the film Our New Life as a supporting character.

| iQIY

He has continued acting and has several roles in projects scheduled for later release dates and some that are currently ongoing.

| iQIY

Outside of acting, Yaochi has released music and even published his own self-written photobook!

While he is most active on Weibo, you can keep up with him on Instagram, where he posts occasionally.  His visuals have only gotten more handsome!

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