The Concept Kings Are Back: VIXX Set To Have First Full-Group Comeback In Five Years

The Concept Kings Are Back: VIXX Set To Have First Full-Group Comeback In Five Years

Those who are newer K-Pop fans may not be familiar with VIXX, a boy group that debuted over a decade ago on May 24, 2012.

VIXX | Jellyfish Entertainment

Initially a six-member group under Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX quickly became known as “concept kings” or “concept-dols” due to the unique, unusual, and sometimes creepy concepts and aesthetics they used for their discography.

Though they were never one of the most successful K-Pop groups of the third generation, they were far from unpopular, and had a highly dedicated fanbase who loved their unconventional music videos and rich, beautiful songs.

Despite their last comeback happening over five years ago with the release of Eau de VIXX and “Scentist” back in April 2018, VIXX still has many fans who have long been hopeful that they would someday return to the K-Pop industry with their unique presence.

They have unfortunately lost two of their members — with Hongbin departing in August 2020 and Ravi leaving back in April this year due to an alleged illegal military exemption scheme — leaving the group with NLeoKen, and Hyuk. As an 11-year-old group with a third of its members gone, the prospects of VIXX having a comeback seemed to be pretty slim.

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But fans will be elated to learn that they’re planning on having their first official comeback in over five years next month!

According to media outlets on October 31, VIXX is set to release a new song at the end of November. The new single is a “dance genre song that incorporates the team’s unique music color”, and the group plans on promoting on music shows. This also follows the announcement of their sixth fan club recruitment, which was shared on October 12.

6기 별여섯 Preview

모집 기간
23.10.12(목) 11:00 ~ 10.31(화) 23:59#빅스 #VIXX #STARLIGHT #별여섯

— RealVIXX (@RealVIXX) October 12, 2023

This news has quickly spread online as VIXX’s fans — Starlights — share their giddiness and excitement over getting new music from the group for the first time in over a decade.

We can’t wait to see what VIXX has planned for us!

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