Watch Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL perform ‘Kingslayer’ together in Japan

Watch Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL perform ‘Kingslayer’ together in Japan

Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL have performed the track ‘Kingslayer’ together while on tour in Japan today (October 31) – check it out below.

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Previously, BABYMETAL told NME that they’d love to one day work with Bring Me The Horizon and they later collaborated together on ‘Kingslayer’.

Now, the two performed the track together live at Bring Me The Horizon’s headline date at the WORLD Kinen Hall in Kobe today, complete with special choreography from BABYMETAL.

Check out fan footage of the moment here:

Kick off of NEX_FEST!!!
Thank you for coming to NEX_FEST in KOBE
Thank you @bmthofficial @yungblud @IPrevailBand #BABYMETAL #BMTHNEXFEST @nex_fest_japan


BMTHのfeat. Babymetalの完全版Kingslayerとうるさいオタク達

— なた (@ssvod_) October 31, 2023

Kingslayer with Babymetal
Bring Me The Horizon at NEX_FEST Osaka

— BMTH stan for lyfe (@bmthstan4lyfe) October 31, 2023


Speaking about their collaboration with BABYMETAL previously, BMTH’s Oli Sykes said: “We wanted to do something with them for ages. We’ve got a really special connection with them, even though we don’t speak the same language. We don’t hang out or have conversations, but when you see them, it makes you really happy.

“They work so well with the whole idea of this record being cyber-punk-y. It sounds like an anime TV trailer.”

Last week (October 18), Yungblud collaborated with Sykes on his new track ‘Happier’.

The new single marked the second collaboration from the pair following Bring Me The Horizon’s 2020 single ‘Obey’, and arrives ahead of Yungblud’s stint with the band on their upcoming Australian tour.

Speaking about the track in a press statement, Yungblud – real name Dominic Harrison – said: “I have almost been conditioned by myself my whole life to be in pain. When I’m in pain I work better. I function better because I have something to combat. It’s dark but it’s all I’ve ever known.

“The feeling of happiness is scary because you feel like it’s all about to go wrong. I have always felt that if I’m happy I’ll get complacent so it’s lost me a lot of opportunity for friendships and relationships in the past.”

BABYMETAL meanwhile joined forces with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine for a new single in August called ‘Metali’.

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