Popular 3rd Generation Idol Announces His Upcoming Marriage With A Beautiful Photoshoot

Popular 3rd Generation Idol Announces His Upcoming Marriage With A Beautiful Photoshoot

As time passes and stars age, life updates like marriages and pregnancies become more common. Fans are usually excited to see their faves reach these milestones and react with surprise and happiness.

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Former member of Royal Pirates, James Lee, recently shared his engagement with fans online!

James Lee | @jamesjhl/Instagram

Royal Pirates officially debuted in 2013, though they were already active as a band before this.

Royal Pirates

The group promoted as three until a horrific accident in 2015 left James’ hand permanently changed, among other injuries. He would officially leave the group in 2017, though he returned to music in another way a few years later.

On October 30, James shared an Instagram post announcing the news and reflecting on his past, saying he wanted to share this milestone with all of his supporters.

“Hello everyone, I have some great news i am excited to share with you. I’m getting married! I’ve found my other half & She makes me want to be the best person i can be. Over the past few years i’ve experienced highs and lows that would’ve broken me if i didn’t have her in my life. I love and cherish her very much and i feel so lucky to introduce her to you all.

Fafa is a beautiful person inside and out with an incredible sense of responsibility, passion, integrity and loves with her entire being. She is kind hearted and unafraid to fight and sacrifice for the people she loves. She reminds me that even though there are challenges every single day, it’s worth it to persevere, to get up and fight and be a better person.

Social media has been a crucial part of my life, especially during the pandemic and after i left RP with my injury, and it has allowed me stay in touch with you all and feel your love and positivity over all these years. I try to keep parts of my life private to remind myself to appreciate the experiences and moments we have face to face, yet I feel like this is a milestone in my life that would be happier if i can share it with you all. Thank you so much for your support over all this time and I hope you will share the joy we have as we celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives.”

— James Lee

Along with the post was a series of cute photos featuring his fiancé and their dog!

| @jamesjhl | @jamesjhl | @jamesjhl | @jamesjhl

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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