MF DOOM Estate Drops DOOMSDAY 2023 Collection

Source: MF DOOM Estate / MF DOOM Estate

We lost MF DOOM aka Zev Love X aka Daniel Dumile way too soon. The late, great MC’s estate is teaming with Rhymesayers Entertainment to celebrate the third annual DOOMSDAY with plenty of merchandise and music for fans of the Supervillian.

The collection includes hoodies and sweats, tees, slides, skatedecks and even socks. The hoodies run for $100 while the the tees are $45. The entire apparel line is available right now at, where DOOM’s catalog of music is also available for sale.

DOOM passed away in 2020, but fans weren’t made aware of his passing (reportedly on October 31), until his wife, Jasmin Thompson, revealed news of his death (he was 49) at the end of the year. Despite the renown he had gathered via his critically acclaimed, game-changing projects like Madvillainy, MM…Food and Operation: Doomsday, as well as his early work with KMD, DOOM was living in the UK and unable to return to the United States due to immigration issues.

Controversy has continued after his death with his wife calling out the suspect care he received before his untimely death (the facility actually apologized) and his one-time business partner allegedly stealing his rhymebooks. In regards to the latter, the estate has filed a lawsuit against Eothen “Egon” Alapatt, the former Stones Throw Records who is accused of possessing 31 of MF DOOM’s former notebooks. Madvillainy, the collab between between DOOM and Madlib, was released via Stones Thrown.

Rest in powerful piece MF DOOM.

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