Guillermo del Toro wants you to watch these horror movies this Halloween

Guillermo del Toro wants you to watch these horror movies this Halloween

Director Guillermo del Toro has recently shared his top picks from TCM’s lineup of movies that have aired this October.

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The director, known for Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape Of Water is no stranger to sharing his views about movies online, with his Twitter feed being full of comments and opinions on some of cinema’s greats.

But in a recent video via IndieWire, del Toro shares some of his top picks, which are fitting for this time of year considering their spooky themes.

First up, he recommends Alfred Hitchock’s 1941 Suspicion, a romantic psychological thriller starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine. On the movie, del Toro said: “Suspicion is one of my favourite Hitchcock films. One of the main resources of suspense is ‘not knowing.’ And the other one, by the way, is hope. They go hand-in-hand. And not knowing is the moral of this tale.”

Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Suspicion’ 1941. CREDIT: Getty/John Kobal Foundation

Next on his list, del Toro chose Tod Browning’s Freaks. This 1932 drama horror film has been re-released under several names, including The Monster Story and Forbidden Love, and is described by del Toro as “a singularity in the history of film.” He continued his description saying “That is not an easy watch, but it is a rewarding watch, and in my opinion a complete masterpiece.”

Third on the list is Robert Stevenson’s 1942 adaptation of Jane Eyre, also starring Joan Fontaine, and Orson Welles as Mr. Rochester. He notes the “scope, elegance and absolute precision” required to adapt the story, and describes this as “the perfect adaptation of a classic” with exceptional casting, describing Welles as “the perfect Rochester” and Fontaine as “the perfect Jane.”

Next up is I Walked With A Zombie, the 1943 horror film directed by Jacques Tourner. He admires its “velvety beauty of shadow and light that a perfect gothic romance has to have.”

And to finish up del Toro’s TCM recommendations, he has picked Black Sabbath. He described the 1963 Italian horror as a “superb example” of the director, Mario Bava’s work, and compliments his ability to “make a movie look grand and elegant and beautiful on a very tight budget. And he could do that in black and white, as proven over and over again.”

Elsewhere, take a look at our list of best horror movies to get stuck into this Halloween.

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