Love Never Dies — Los Angeles Darkwave Project The Sweet Kill Debuts Haunting Video for “Undead”

Love Never Dies — Los Angeles Darkwave Project The Sweet Kill Debuts Haunting Video for “Undead”

Amidst the eerie gloom of endless twilight, the cursed beings of the undead realm wrestle with a romantic dilemma as ageless as time. Their love, a silent opera, unfolds against mortality’s relentless march that threatens to snatch away their mortal true love. Each heartbeat of their cherished ones echoes a sweet, mournful melody, gradually sinking into death’s silence. Faced with a cruel choice – to save their loved ones from mortality’s clasp by damning their soul to the cold night, or watch them crumble into the arms of death. Oscar Wilde’s words, “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death,” echo the profound enigma that entangles the hearts of the undead in a destiny laced with tender caress and icy despair. This melancholy waltz between love strong enough to challenge life and death, yet forever shackled by fate, resonates through the bleak, starless nights.

This poignant concept finds a voice in The Sweet Kill’s latest darkwave single, “Undead,” where musician Pete Mills channels classic gothic rock and post-punk vibes reminiscent of The Cure, Joy Division, and Bauhaus, weaving a compelling narrative of undying love.

Mills recounts his exploration into the dark world of the occult across California’s haunting landscapes, unveiling the narrative of “Undead” – a tale of an immortal in love with his ailing mortal beloved, faced with the dire choice of saving her by transforming her into one of his kind. The single encapsulates 80’s cold wave synths, post-punk instrumentation mingled with a full string section, escorting the listener into a gothic cinematic narrative. It’s an invitation into a realm where the fear of the unknown and the allure of magic transcend into a fourth-dimensional spiritual journey, urging one to, “…Take my hand on an icy peak, the wind chills this reckoning, where Gods and Monsters breed, their darkest secret…. into the Undead, the Undead, slip into the mystery…..”

Witness the ethereal tale unfold through candlelight, misty forests, and cemeteries in the video for “Undead” below:

THE SWEET KILL, a singular post-punk, dark & gothic harbinger of existential angst, crafts a darkwave masterpiece led by cold synths, atmospheric guitars, and melodic bass. With a velvety baritone, Pete Mills echoes the sorrowful romanticism of The Cure and Joy Division.

At his Shadow Zone Sound studio, Mills records and produces all THE SWEET KILL material. “UNDEAD” heralds the early 2024 release, NOWHERE, set to be released on Young & Cold Records (Germany) and Shadow Zone Records (USA), marking a cinematic sophomore debut. “I love the fear of the unknown and the fantasy of magic, when these elements mix, the door to the fourth-dimensional occult occurs,” Mills reflects.

Pre-order the Vinyl and CD here.

Undead by The Sweet Kill

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