“Touch My Breasts” Gangnam Box Girl Will Hold A Fan Meeting Where She Will Kiss Attendees On The Lips

“Touch My Breasts” Gangnam Box Girl Will Hold A Fan Meeting Where She Will Kiss Attendees On The Lips

The controversial “Apgujeong Box Girl” will hold a fan meeting where she will kiss attendees for an eyebrow-raising price.

Ah In, also known as “Apgujeong Box Girl” | @a__in04/Instagram

On October 16, an adult video actress named Ah In was nicknamed the “Apgujeong Box Girl” after walking around Gangnam’s Apgujeong wearing only a box with holes in it and the words “Angel Box” written on it. She approached people, asking them to touch her breasts by placing their hands inside the box.


A couple of days later, she attempted to make another appearance with her box in Hongdae but was stopped when the police intervened. It was then revealed on October 23 that Ah In is under investigation for charges of obscene performance.


On the same day, Ah In posted a notice about a fan meeting on her social media. According to the announcement, the fan meeting will take place on October 28 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Gangnam. The participation fee was ₩650,000 KRW (about $481 USD), and only the first 30 people to apply would be able to attend. The event would include greetings, photo sessions, a Q&A, and an angel box event.

Ah In also included in the announcement that she promised to give a “kiss on the lips” to those who attended and urged her followers to attend.


This announcement sparked controversy online for two reasons: Ah In is under investigation for allegations of indecent exposure and the high cost of the fan meeting.

Although the participation fee was set at ₩650,000 KRW (about $481 USD) per person, the initial 30 spots were filled within 30 minutes. In an Instagram story, Ah In revealed that after the 30 spots were filled, there were an additional 79 people who applied after the first 30 minutes.


The fanmeeting for Apgujeong Box Girl ‘Ah In’ is closed.
It closed after 30 minutes, so I apologize to the 79 additional people who applied afterward. I will hold my next fan meeting in a bigger location. See you soon! Thank you once again for your love, interest, and support.

— Ah In

According to the police on October 24, the Seoul Mapo Police Station plans to investigate Ah In and the two men who assisted in the box performance on charges of indecent exposure.

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