“Are You Even A Chaebol?” Witness Recounts Olympian Confronting Fiancé

“Are You Even A Chaebol?” Witness Recounts Olympian Confronting Fiancé

A witness recounted the moment Olympian Nam Hyun Hee confronted Jeon Chung Jo.

Jeon Chung Jo (left) and Nam Hyun Hee (right) | Chosun Ilbo

On October 26, SBS news reported that on October 25, Nam Hyun Hee confronted Jeon Chung Jo about the many reports claiming that he was a criminal and a fraud.

According to a witness at the scene, Nam Hyun Hee asked Jeon Chung Jo if he was a 3rd-generation chaebol, as he claimed. To which Jeon Chung Jo admitted that he was not.

Nam: “Are you even the grandson of the Paradise Group?”
Jeon: “No, I’m not.”
Nam: “Then is what they are reporting true?”
Jeon: “Some of it is true, and some of it is false.”

The report then states that the couple was interrupted by 4-5 investors whom Jeon Chung Jo had defrauded. According to the investors, Jeon Chung Jo had promised that they would be able to make their full investment and interest back if they invested with him.

The witness states that Nam Hyun Hee lamented to the defrauded investors, saying, “Jeon Chung Jo also defrauded me.” Nam Hyun Hee is then reported to have yelled at Jeon Chung Jo.

How can I live in Korea anymore? Do I need to leave Korea?

— Nam Hyun Hee

Meanwhile, Nam Hyun Hee would later be persuaded by her family members to leave Jeon Chung Jo later that day before reporting Jeon Chung Jo for stalking hours later. Read more about it in the link below.

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