Over the past few months, Drake and Lil Yachty have formed what appears to be a fast friendship. Early in the year, the duo sat down for an insightful interview in which Drake revealed some of his regrets and hinted at retirement. Instead of retiring, though, he dropped a new album, For All The Dogs, which features Yachty on the song “Another Late Night,” then said he’d be taking a break from music.

Still, with the pair’s chemistry, it’s not a short leap to wonder if they might expand on it with a joint album, the way Drake did with Future on What A Time To Be Alive. Lil Yachty addressed the possibility in a vlog for his ongoing Field Trip Tour by Our Generation Music, saying around the 8:30 mark in the video above, “I think he gon’ take a little second to breathe. Imma take next year to figure out my situation and we’ll look into it in the future.” Yachty also demurred when asked about his and Drake’s working relationship, saying, “It’s a story… it’s deep as hell, though.”

Considering that Drake and Yachty’s “Another Late Night” was one of the songs that caught the most attention from For All The Dogs — including from the subject of one of Yachty’s lyrics, Billie Eilish — that could be something to look forward to whenever Drake is done with his hiatus.

Watch the full OGM Vlog video above.

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