‘Crow Country’ is a theme park horror inspired by early ‘Resident Evil’ games

‘Crow Country’ is a theme park horror inspired by early ‘Resident Evil’ games

From the developer of Tangle Tower, Crow Country is an upcoming survival horror inspired by Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil, taking place in an abandoned theme park.

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Mara Forest, the playable protagonist, arrives at the crumbling remains of the theme park Crow Country one night. There, she hopes to find the missing owner of the park, Edward Crow, though it appears that not all is as it seems in these ruins. Check out the trailer below:

Influences from the first few Resident Evil entries are obvious in the game’s inventory system and the heartbeat that tells the player what condition Mara is in.

Additionally, Mara is able to warm herself at a fire in order to stop and save the player’s progress.

“Every survival horror game needs a ‘thing’ that allows you to save – typewriters, telephones, clocks,” shared Adam Vian, creative direct and writer at developer SFB Games, in a post to X.

“In Crow Country, staring into the fire allows Mara to relax, reflect, and save her game. And it’s not just fireplaces, but any source of fire.”

‘Crow Country’ Credit: SFB Games

Weapons like a handgun, shotgun, revolver and flamethrower will be Mara’s defence against what stalks inside the park, but the developer has assured there is time for puzzles to be solved too.

One is located in the park’s arcade, complete with machines and ’90s era Memphis design carpet, and Vian advised that there is a “really important item” hidden in the fake submarine.

There is no specific launch date for Crow Country, however, it is slated for PC and PS5. A demo is available through Steam though SFB Games has not said how long this will be live for.

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