The Viral Korean Beauty Trend That’s Becoming All The Rage On TikTok

The Viral Korean Beauty Trend That’s Becoming All The Rage On TikTok

This Korean beauty trend is quickly gaining popularity on TikTok with over 69 million views! A root perm is a way to achieve beautiful, voluminous hair with minimal styling.

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If you love low-maintenance hairstyles, a root perm may be the method for you. This beauty treatment may take around two to five hours in the salon chair, but once it’s finished, the results can last for up to two months.


This is why I like to perm my fringe and hair roots Not every salon does iron perm your hair roots! Thank you Jacob 원장님 for that extra volume #sgbeauty #hair #hack #koreanhair #koreanhairperm #perm #fringe #curtainbangs #bangs #hairvolume #blowout #blowouthair #vlog #fyp #foryou

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Root perms can offer the look of a blowout with minimal styling. Lifting your roots can add instant volume to your hair.


It’s holding up pretty good so far:)

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Additionally, softly perming layers of your hair can add big voluminous waves and bouncy volume, making hair look healthy and styled immediately after washing.

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The technique is used to add volume, lift, and texture to the hair at the roots, giving it a more voluminous and styled appearance, but requires much less maintenance than traditional perms.

— Los Angeles-based hairstylist Guy Tang


Okay … didn’t work for me:’( #fyp #koreanperm #koreanhairstyle #model

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This trend first began gaining popularity around a decade ago, but it continues to grow in popularity online among a global audience.


Got myself a root perm and korean styled curtain bangs today! #selfcare #hair #hairmakeover #rootperm #curtainbangs #koreanhairstyle #fyp

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Men also can get perms to add a bit of volume and texture to their look with minimal effort.


Reply to @brandvoltaire it’s perm day #koreanperm #hairperm

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If you’re ever in Korea or happen to live near a Korean salon, try out this new beauty treatment to spice up your look!

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