The Most Shocking K-Celebrity Breakups Announced In 2023

While there have been plenty of surprising relationships between K-Celebrities announced in 2023, there have been some break-ups just as unexpected.

Here are some of the most shocking Korean celebrity break-ups announced this year!

1. Lee Se Young And Fiancé

Comedian Lee Se Young announced that she broke up with her boyfriend earlier this year. This news surprised many,  as she previously shared they were engaged and looking for a home together.

Lee Se Young | @seyoung_1408/Instagram

After the breakup, Lee Se Young left a cryptic post about leaving a non-supportive partner, possibly hinting at the reason behind the separation.

| @seyoung_1408/Instagram

If the person is constantly hurting your self-esteem when they are with other people, that person is not who you are destined to be with.

— Lee Se Young

The couple had been together since 2019.

2. Seo In Young And Non-Celebrity

Legendary singer and Jewelry member Seo In Young‘s husband filed for divorce less than one year after marriage.

Seo In Young | @seoin0/Instagram | @seoin0/Instagram

Her union sparked controversy when another member of Jewelry shared that she was not invited to attend.

3. Ki Eun Se And Businessman

In September 2023, SBS News reported that actress and influencer Ki Eun Se and her non-celebrity businessman husband would be separating. 

According to the report, the reason for separation was “Personality differences.” The star’s label, Sublime, later confirmed the news and the reason behind the split.

It is true that the couple has decided to end their marriage due to personality differences. We are preparing a statement on the news.

— Sublime

The two had been married for 11 years.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Actor Ahn Bo Hyun

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun were among the most surprising couples announced this year and were confirmed by YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | DUNST Ahn Bo Hyun | FN Entertainment

On October 24, it was reported that the two had split, citing their busy schedules. YG also gave a short response confirming the report.

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