Portland Dark Post-Punk Outfit Lizard Skin Debuts Video for Ravenous Single “Salivation”

Portland Dark Post-Punk Outfit Lizard Skin Debuts Video for Ravenous Single “Salivation”

After a three-year pause since their last EP, “Roadside,” Portland’s Lizard Skin resurfaces with a new full-length album, Desperations. With a keen turn away from electronic beats and synths, “Desperations” marks an intriguing pivot—balancing the lavish with the lean.

In their feral debut from this new collection of songs, “Salivation,” one is plunged deep into a maelstrom of sentiment and an earnest ache for a rekindled liaison. The song descends upon its audience with the ferocity of a ravenous, inebriated coyote. The bass delves into a disquieting rumble, the guitar, a melancholic lament. With passion and wildness, the voice underlines the saga, all the while governed by an imposing rhythmic beat.
With thoughts of fanning old flames or possibly stepping onward, the allusion to salivation turns into a poignant emblem of deep-seated longing. The words craft an image of unwavering tenacity to overcome life’s ordeals and delve into the soft thrum of heartfelt musings, culminating in an impassioned charge to move forward, allowing bygones to fall back into silent slumber. In “Salivation,” there’s an unflinching summons to persevere, even when hope seems but a distant spectre on the horizon. It’s an anthem of raw, unwavering resolve and an iron-clad faith in the power of endurance.

In the haunting visuals, one senses the ethereal origins—a concept birthed in the hazy realm of dreams. The entirety of the music video stands as a testament to the band’s prowess, as they took the reins in its production and edit. As night blankets the Mt. Hood National Forest, the band strikes their chords amongst the towering Fir trees. Dillon Morton, their vocalist, delivers a performance tinged with fervor and abandon, writhing on the woodland floor, seemingly ensnared by nature’s embrace. The cinematography crafts a dizzying, almost feverish tableau in tandem with the song’s deep, cascading cadence.

Watch the video for “Salivation” below:

Hailing from the verdant cradle of Portland, Oregon, Lizard Skin forms a mosaic of eclectic souls: Dillon Morton at its heart, flanked by the enigmatic Mark Arciaga of Puerta Negra, the dynamic Susan Subtract—known for her ventures with High-Functioning Flesh and Physical Wash—and the ever-versatile Just Dave, whose résumé boasts affiliations with Railing, Rotties, Over, and Nuxx Vomica.

Desperations” parades itself as a masterful blend of excess and restraint, with a hint of the ethereal. Their artistry exudes a palpable tension; gnarled melodies, fervent vocal exhortations, and an undying, frenetic rhythm pulsate throughout their work. Their music, a deep introspection into the complexities of the human psyche, borrows generously from the iconic deathrock tradition, whilst simultaneously tipping a hat to the distinct musical heritage of the Pacific Northwest. One can’t help but also discern the untamed echoes of The Birthday Party, intertwined with elements of Savage Republic, U-Men, and the idiosyncratic cadence of Sniffany & the Nits.

Pre-order Desperations here:

Mark your calendars: Friday, 17 November 2023 promises the unveiling of their album. For enthusiasts of tactile nostalgia, cassettes beckon; digital loyalists are not forgotten, either. And for those fortunate enough to be within Portland’s embrace that evening, The Alleyway will be the epicenter of an electric congregation—featuring the defiant chords of Italy’s anarcho-punk ensemble, A Culture of Killing, the harmonious rebellion of Los Angeles’ Bloom (with kindred spirits from ¿La Pregunta?), and the fresh vibes of Portland’s very own Cut Piece, enriched by former stalwarts of Red Dons and Dials.

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