Darkwave Trio Redder Moon Debut Crimson-Soaked Video for “The Illusion”

In Portland’s bustling, rain-soaked streets, two souls found kindred spirits in creativity in 2019. Brody Lowe, a maestro of the visual medium with credits from music videos to the pixelated realms of video games, met Jeremiah J Gonzales. Together as Redder Moon, they waltzed through the shadowy margins of darkwave, synthpop, and the defiant edges of post-punk, using analogue synths, haunting guitar strains, and dulcet vocals to craft a timeless alchemy.

Brody, while possessing a demeanour as unassuming as a whisper, lets his artistic prowess shout from the shadows. Be it a collaboration, his solo escapades as Loqsa, or his dalliances in the digital orchestra pits of video games, his touch is unmistakable.

By 2020, the ensemble welcomed another: Jill McKeever, with the tender strings of a violin from her past, and a nose for olfactory delights. Her credentials? A degree in Electronic Art and a venture into the world of bespoke scents with her perfume brand, For Strange Women. The lockdown nudged her from aromatic notes back to musical notes, completing this intriguing trifecta.

In a delightful nod to the eeriness of the season, Redder Moon unveils the crimson-soaked video for “The Illusion,” their eerie new single.

Picture the scene: on a particularly dark night, the moon but a mere sliver in the sky, the old cemetery at the edge of the town whispered tales of the unknown. The wrought-iron gates, normally so imposing, groaned gently as they swung open, seemingly of their own volition. The aged tombstones, bathed in the dim luminescence of the stars, cast elongated, distorted shadows reminiscent of the eerie silhouettes in German Expressionist cinema.

As the night deepened, a bone-chilling breeze rustled the withering leaves, making them dance with phantom-like grace. The atmosphere grew thick with anticipation. With every gust, it seemed as if long-forgotten whispers from another era echoed between the gravestones, and mournful laments drifted in the air.Each nook and cranny of the cemetery became a stage for these otherworldly scenes, where the boundary between the living and the dead seemed to blur…and the mournful sounds of Redder Moon beckoned the spirits of the night.

Expect more than mere whispers amongst the tombstones in The Illusion. Best to keep the lights on for this one.

Listen below:

Amid the dim lights and the murmur of dusk, the anticipated sophomore album from Redder Moon, “She Was Certainly Bit By Something,” emerges from the swamps. It’s a cryptic, melancholic waltz, reminiscent of 4AD’s moodiest offerings, but not quite letting you pigeonhole it. Shades of darkwave meld into shoegaze, seasoned with a hint of dance and an intriguing dash of hip-hop. The tempo may be leisurely, but the gravitas is palpable — it’s the sort of soundtrack one might imagine for the end of days.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Vision Video, Urban Heat, and the Rosegarden Funeral Party, to name just a few, their sonic credentials are impeccable. Add to that a dash of acclaim, with remixes by noteworthy artists and a nod from NPR’s Tiny Desk. One can only conclude: Redder Moon is an act on the rise, with a keen ear for the evocative and the unexpected.

She Was Certainly Bit By Something is out on October 13, 2023.

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