[K-Exclusive]: Shaun Completes First U.S. Tour with Memorable Night in Chicago

On the final stop of his first U.S. tour, On the Road, Shaun made his highly anticipated debut in Chicago.

Prior to taking the stage, his opener exclusive to Chicago was a local Korean-American duo that goes by the name of Seoulfly. They opened their set with “Spell” and “Cross My Mind,” both of which are singles released consecutively in 2020. Whilst undefined by a specific genre, their music was a cumulation of Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, and Synth. Their set went through a variety of these genres, slowing down for songs such as “When I Dream,” as the audience held up their phone flashlights, and picked up yet again before their final song, “Falling.”

Shortly afterwards, Shaun was greeted with loud cheers as he stepped on stage and started the night off with “Lunisolar” and “Shooting Star.” His set continued with tracks off of his 2022 EP, showing off his slightly different sounds and captivating vocals. While his stage did feature standalone instruments, he closed the gap between vocal adlibs to include the different array of instruments. Mid show, the singer-songwriter even teased a snippet of an upcoming release, which both hyped up the crowd and left them yearning for more.

Continuing the momentum, the melodic strum of “Monsters” gave off a vulnerable yet warm tone, as this song specifically focused on Shaun’s vocals. Also on the setlist was a solo rendition of his latest release, “Steal the Show,” which is originally performed with Jeff Satur, and an acoustic version of “Nocturnal,” both of which gave off slightly different vibes, with the former being more upbeat and rock-inspired, and the latter slowing things down and eliciting a sea of phone flashlights from the fans as the soloist strummed his guitar.

Nearing the end of the night, it was hard to believe the show was already almost over, as the energy had not dropped at all. As the beginning notes of Shaun’s most popular song, “Way Back Home,” began, the audience was ecstatic, singing and swaying along. Unofficially concluding the night, the soloist performed “Swan Song,” a guitar-heavy track that felt like a melodic culmination to conclude the night perfectly. Coming back soon after, however, Shaun returned for his encore to perform “Thinking Of” and “My Bad” before actually ending the show.

With beautiful memories made and an evening full of great music, Shaun’s first tour certainly ended with a night to remember. Special thank you to Unbound Entertainment and SHAUN’s team for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend, and make sure to head over to our Facebook page now to check out all of our photos from the show!

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