Latto Didn’t Hold Back Her Grudge Against Nicki Minaj At Coachella

Rapper Latto seems to have no problem picking at the scab covering her Nicki Minaj beef … and debuted a new song at Coachella that has fans thinking she once again is firing at her!!

The “Big Energy” rapper provided exactly that Sunday when she premiered a new track on the Sahara stage … rapping ether like, “Bitches acting like they running shit, they really ran through” and “She thought I would kiss her ass, she mustn’t have took her meds.”

The biggest clues the song was about Nicki came during Latto’s song-ending ad-libs … “Say she got a problem, imaginary smoke/ Bitch, you said it’s up, then put on the floor”

She then walked off the stage yelling, “Pussy hoe… Let a bitch know, we tired of the subtweets this year” … as she and Nicki’s very public Twitter spat is still heavy fodder for her fans as well as the Barbz.

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